Perhaps this is incorrect? Perhaps those elected are taking action for our self-preservation as said before? Making sure there's enough oil for us; making sure our armament factories have a market to sell to; making sure our construction companies get contracts to rebuild places decimated by THEIR decisive actions.


Apparently Gaddaffi wasn't a criminal in Libya, (OR elsewhere -- just an 'Imperialist' lie?) What we have are a few nations that are dying and willing to do and say anything to stay afloat. It's interesting to know that Saddam, Gadaffi, and Ahmadinejad were/are leading their countries away from the international banking system before they became enemy #1. Russia and China are both growing weary of the growing instability of America, and its bully approach and unwillingness to resolve differences using the format (United Nations) they created. (or so some media reports?)

And so, we must research some more. Review media reports to try to assess their credibility. No doubt others have concerns.

Perhaps it was all controlled by Western Bankers who don't like usury as Gaddafi preached in his, 'Green Book' ? (Note: Qatar-owned Al Jazeera has taken out-of context data?)

It's fascinating that Al-Jazeera (Owned by Qatar -- or so some media reports) has been implicit in starting the whole Libya episode. It was due to their media report that NATO et-alia invaded Libya? Or so the media says?

  • On the morning of August 22nd 2011, Al Jazeera aired a 'live' report from Green Square in Tripoli, which claimed to show the capture of the Libyan capital by rebel forces. Scenes of jubilation and euphoria enveloped Al Jazeera's reporter Zeina Khodr as she declared: "Libya is in the hands of the opposition''
  • The images were immediately reproduced throughout the global media complex, with headlines trumpeting the 'end of the Gaddafi regime' and editorials throughout the corporate media world speculating about the post-Gaddafi future of Libya.
  • Gaddafi's sons were said to have been arrested, and more defections were announced. The Libyan capital was, we were told, now in the hands of the rebel forces. For many, it seemed a fait accompli.
  • In fact, the Al Jazeera pictures from Green Square were an elaborate and criminal hoax. The report had been prefabricated in a studio in Doha Qatar . This information had been passed onto Libyan intelligence and the Libyan people had already been warned about the Qatari psyops a couple of days previously on Rayysse state television.
    • The Al Jazeera hoax was intended to create the impression that Tripoli had fallen so as:
      (1) to break the Libyan resistance by creating panic and chaos in the Libyan capital.
      to provide cover for the massacres of civilians that would occur in the days following the declaration of rebel victory.
    • In other words, the media would provide cover for the war crimes and crimes against humanity that are necessary in order to subjugate the Libyan Jamhahirya to Western corporate interests.

    Armed with such 'obvious' Al-Jazeera, 'Truths,' the Western media used such data to enhance the incorrect judgement on Libya. After all, the new NTC commander, General Khalifa Hifter, his pending 'rebel' forces trained by the CIA, hated Gadaffi and spent much time living in America just down from the CIA facility.

    Even the BBC aired footage of more fake celebrations in ‘Green Square’ In this footage the crowd are waving flags of......... INDIA!! Or so some media reports.

    BUT, it gets BETTER --- When many of the mainstream reporters abandoned the Rixos Hotel in Libya, Libyan authorities discovered that most of them were "agents "working undercover as journalists. Of course, this MUST have been Gadaffi-propaganda? Or so the media reports.


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