TRUTH!? (Some media reports ---)

In 2010 many people in this gullible, sheepled World said, "Where's Libya? Who's Gaddafi?"

In 2011 they became 'Humanitarian Experts,' extolling, "Gadaffi's a Dictator killing civilians! We must help"

And so we will not be told the REAL reason for Gadaffi's assassination or the genocide of Lybia, but evidence, if Truth is allowed, will be forthcoming.

We are now seeing misinformation like how "Women" smuggled ammunition for the rebels. Based on ONE interview, obviously thousands did so? We also see Twitterers using the Rebel Flag (Er.. reincarnated flag of King Idris!)

Yet, we are also learning of the contrived attacks on Libya over the past decades:

  • -- 1984 shooting of a British policewoman was blamed on Libya and WE believed it wasn't organised
  • -- 1986 Berlin disco bombing was blamed on Libya and WE believed it wsn't organised
  • -- Lockerbie 1988 was blamed on Libya and WE believed it wasn't organised
  • -- the 2011 Civil uprising was blamed on Libya and WE believed it wasn't organised by USA, UK France, Libyan Ex-Pats, disgruntled Libyan Ex-Pat Youth and NATO

If you research you may find things ARE NOT what you have been INDOCTRINATED to believe for MANY DECADES about Libya.

Let the World NEVER forgive this atrocious act of Imperialistic selfishness, greed and GENOCIDE, and let Gadaffi be remembered in history as the MAJORITY of the Libyan People know what he did for them, and the WEST destroyed it ALL!!

LEARN for YOURSELF how the assassination of Gadaffi's Libya is WRONG! Gadaffi OFFENDED the WEST, who would be MASTERS OF ALL THE WORLD!!! (or so it's said)

Not many men oppose the apparent developing hegemony of the West, Gadaffi was one of the few to do so over the time he ran Libya, perhaps too naively trusting of them, giving up his Scud missiles and trying to accommodate their wishes, to allow Libya to remain as a TRUE Democracy in THEIR avaricious eyes?

Nevertheless, Muammar Gaddafi is not dead, his Spirit lies latent, within the millions of Libyan people, now quiescent, waiting, until the 'Time' is right, to retrieve their JAMAHIRIYA, while those apparently placed in power by the West will no doubt improve the living conditions in the "New Libya." (Cough!)

Of course, iwishihad could be totally wrong in feeling this way? (Cough!!!) But, the TRUTH is out there, somewhere? YOU DECIDE! If this troubles you, try this :

!Lizzie Phelan!


Are these the words of a 'Buffoon?' NO, watch and hear and SEE!
The Arab 'nose-picking' all subservient to America!

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