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Who's Next

by: confidential.

i wouldst dearly liketh to believeth in God. i thinketh of Her many times a day. but She ignoreth me. it would maketh things so much easier if She talketh while i manifesteth physically. why doth She waiteth 'till i am dust to chastiseth me? ibid:--- anon.

Justus Riches' childhood indoctrination obsessed him with religion and sex.

A lengthy affair with Janey, a sex-surrogate, doesn't help.

Their Ouija experiments attract a discarnate entity purporting to be the spirit of Thomas A Kempis, "Tom", visible only to Justus. Tom speaks cockney and displays a similar sexual fetish to Justus, somewhat suspicious for a holy monk.

Christina, a beautiful Jewish woman, participated in the childhood experience of Justus, which is the subconscious reason for his sexual hang-up. She has conquered her own problems generated by being raped and witnessing her parents killed during an Arab-Israeli conflict. She becomes the pawn in a bargain struck between Justus and Tom.

In return for letting Tom "wotch" Justus "giv" Christina "wun", Tom will give Justus the secret of time.

The bargain agreed and consummated Justus returns in time to discover Jesus a congenital idiot.

Emotionally destroyed he becomes Jesus, participates in the Jewish terrorist "Passover Plot" of the era, is 'crucified, dead and buried'.

Tom learns his task is to seek out others like Justus and help them spiritually evolve by turning childhood indoctrination into real experience.

Justus returns to present time to discover Christina more than she appears.

Deity deciding Messiahs didn't work has embarked on this "New Idea".

But God the Mother, unmentioned since time immemorial, has taken things secretly into her own hands.

Male messiahs didn't work.

Maybe Her way will.

Who's Next?

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