Justus Riches is a Jewish Christian obsessed with religion and sex. He runs a bookshop dealing in ancient works. A longstanding affair with Janey, a girlfriend who works for the Public service as a sex-surrogate doesn't help this obsession. The searching has led him to Quija-board experimentation. At one Ouija session a discarnate spirit latches on to him and purports to be the spirit of Thomas A Kempis, "Tom".

Outside of time God the Father has recreated Tom. God the Father, realising that sending messiahs to earth is a waste of time has embarked on a new plan. Tom has to return to earth and seek out fetish-addicted humans, like he once was, and make them actually live out their fetish – not mentalise about it.

However, God the Mother, unmentioned since time immemorial, doesn’t think this will work. She will secretly change this plan.

During a nightly tryst twixt Justus and Janey, Tom appears to Justus and frightens him into reliving a childhood experience where he has the chance to make love to young Christina in the school potting shed but turns it down because of his youthful religious indoctrination. This amuses his peers so much that they 'crucify' him in the potting shed, all adding to his current religious-sexual hangup.

Christina has grown to be an extremely beautiful woman. She has, inexplicably, conquered her own sexual hang-up generated by being raped and watching her parents killed in front of her, during an Arab-Israeli conflict.

The day after Tom appears to Justus he again appears in Justus’ bookshop. Christina visits the bookshop and Tom shows lustful appreciation that perplexes Justus, not in-character for an holy monk.

Christina becomes the 'unknowing' pawn in a bargain struck between Justus and Tom that, in return for letting Tom "watch" Justus "giv-er-wun", Tom will give Justus the secret of time to return and search for Jesus.

Justus agrees and dates Christina, finally remembering refusing to service her long ago but enthusiastically does so that night.

The bargain completed, Justus gets the time machine, a simple wristwatch-looking device, in a novel fashion and returns in time to search for 'his' Jesus.

Geographic anomalies generate problems for Justus in zero AD. He almost dies but is rescued by a bunch of Essenes who think he is the Messiah. He meets John the Baptist and the latter soon realises he can use Justus in the Passover plot that the Jews, the terrorists of that era, are cooking up. They will use a drug 'from the East' to make the crucified victim 'as-dead' and let him 'rise again' as their Messiah thereby leading them to get rid of the Romans through an uprising.

Justus sets off into the desert and again almost dies, to be saved by a Roman Centurion and soldiers who takes him to Jerusalem. One of the Roman soldiers steals the time machine.

In Jerusalem he finds that "his" Jesus is a congenital idiot.

This affects him so deeply he inadvertently acts out the complete biblical ‘story’ of the life he once read of, believed in and idolised to the extent he becomes Jesus and is crucified.

He learns by experience.

In the burial chamber the Centurion who has been in charge of Justus’ crucifixion returns the time machine to him, as he lies ‘dead’ on the burial plinth.

God the Mother makes good her plan. Tom appears and has to operate the time machine since Justus is near-death. He does so and wonders why God speaks ‘Woman’. 'She' explains.

Justus returns to the present and is hospitalised, awakening to find Christina there. She gives him the time machine and he ‘is reborn’. All around him things seem to be ‘just a dream’ from which he now awakes.

Christina is God the Mother incarnate.

Tom, on the other hand has removed his sexual-hangup fetish and commences his task to seek out others like Justus and "help" them in similar fashion by turning childhood "learnt" mentalisations into real experience.

"Messiahs didn't work. Maybe 'Her' way will.” ‘Who’s Next?’

(c) c/o iwishihad

Note: this e-story is a work in progress.

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