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Who's Next

Genre: Fantasy.
Theme: A fantasy of immense implications:
Timeframe: now and @ 33 A.D.

Religion and sex obsess anagrammatic Justus Riches.

Christina was raped, watched her parents killed and
feels partly to blame.

Ouija spirit Tom barters the 'Secret of Time' to watch
Christina get laid by Justus.

He accepts and finds Jesus a congenital idiot.

He becomes his obsession.

A plot contrived by God The Mother, unmentioned in a
male-dominated biosphere since Time immemorial.

First draft of 102 pages.

This filmscript is an actual account of what happened when the company I worked for was 'taken over'. Of course there's a little bit of mystic revelry thrown in to alleviate the boring worldly happenings of such an everyday experience.

Who Loses Wins

Genre: Fantasy docudrama,
Theme: A cynical tragedy of cowardly bravery.
Timeframe: 1970's to 1990's.

Joe cannot adopt the culture when the Government buys
an Australian company.

Hypnosis innocently creates mass disobedience resulting
in his murder by the SAS.

Dying, his Overself tells the story, but he daydreams,
awaiting a meeting with his employer who has discovered
his filmscript about them.

First draft of 134 pages.

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