The world is a dangerous place to live in,
not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.
– Albert Einstein

iwishihad has no idea why Libya seems important? Even before Gadaffi's death all Libya, 'Western' reports seemed too 'constructed by the media' for what really happened, AFAWK. Some media reports may be true?? Especially others?

Reports of Gadaffi's apparent megalomania have been going around since he chucked-out the west in 1969, and it's possible these are all contrived:

  • brought 6 jumbo's full of arms to a meeting in SA; humpy-pumps 4 women before every meeting; Lockerbie; british cop-killer; train blower-upper; Abu Salim 1200 killer; bombs civilians; gives viagra to army to enhance killing civilians; restricts civilian travel and disallows home-phones; spends nothing on the country; Libya one of the poorest Nations in Africa; persecutes Libyans; ardently opposes the al-Qaeda brand of Wahhabist fundamentalism that Saudi Arabia sponsors; relinquished nuclear program, gave up SCUD missiles; locked up the Benghazi Six for 8 years knowing this offended the Benghazi Clans; gave Sarkozy bribes in exchange for lucrative contracts; made himself 'King-of-kings'; aids foreign revolutionaries (against west); built the Great Man Made River at enormous cost; delegated substantial responsibilty to the respective authorities; paid 50% cost, unlicenced, towards an African satellite; wrote a direct democratic manifesto ("The Green Book") in the 1970s and convened hundreds of "People's Conferences" where women and men have met regularly for the past 30 years, the Green Jamahiriya -a True Democracy, and so it goes on, including Transcanada. (Hillary + Susan Rice implicated, and Gadaffi.)

However, sitting in our armchairs and digesting the media that is biased and mainly there for sensationalism, it is very difficult to get at TRUTH! THIS is the first media that 'seems' to outline Gadaffi's history. It seems wrong, somehow, since the Libyan genocide couldn't be based on such information without exploring where the author got the data from. Sitting in his 'armchair?' iwishihad will explore this further but until then, the following is what has been pieced together, so far.

It's also strange that the UN had earmarked Gadaffi for a Human Rights Peace Prize in Libya prior to a mind-change leading to his assassination.

Report of the January 4, 2011 16th Session of the General Assembly of the UN Human Rights Council:

Before NATO and USA+Alliance began to bomb Libya, the United Nations were preparing to give a prize to Colonel Muammar gadaffi, his Libyan Jamahiriya, for his accomplishments in the field of human rights. That's right, the same man, Colonel Muammar gadaffi, that NATO and the United States have said for decades that he was a "brutal dictator," was about to receive an award for his record of human rights in Libya. How strange that the United Nations were to give a prize for human rights to a "brutal dictator" at the end of March 2011?

Read the UN Report (pdf) HERE

This is so strange considering what subsequently happened. It makes one wonder what went wrong and why? Within a few months everything had changed. From the time Gadaffi took power, kicked out Idris, a pommie-parrot, and the oil Companies, the West has been trying to destroy him by any despicable means possible, or so it would seem to anyone looking deeper than the 'Controlled' tabloids.

There is a 'gut-feeling?' Why does America and the other NATO members believe they are the World Police?? Even more, if these are Xian in any way why not find out if the Libyan, now Syrian, civilian problems are really happening? If your child is accused of something terrible, you do not DESTROY the child? You FIND OUT THE TRUTH! As Carlin said, "You got some Brown people? Then WATCH OUT, we'll fuckin BOMB THEM!"

Other things now come to light that starts one wondering even more. The widely reported Hillary Clinton reaction to Gadaffi's death defies belief!!!

--- "We came, We saw, he died......"

YUK ... can this explain the TRUTH! If Hillary Clinton epitomises what actually happened there is no doubt the whole, sad episode was a farce, the media indoctrinating us to wrongfully believe!!

What a shameful person is this 'Lady???' But then, she obviously knew what has been possibly, hidden from us, DELIBERATELY?

As someone on You-Tube commented on this parody:

  • Dear Americans; how can you let people like this run your government and the terrible foreign policies which are still terrorizing the world, OUR world....
  • It now seems pretty obvious, irrespective of what the CONTROLLED MEDIA tells us, the whole episode was to DESTROY Gadaffi! It seems hopeless as one individual to counteract NATO's hegemony, dunnit? But, all we can do is, TRY, and hope the World will understand!


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