The individual is handicapped by coming face to face
with a
conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.
– J Edgar Hoover

Most of us live so far away from this sort of problem, and we believe to be living in a "Democracy," but the more research one does the feeling comes, we do NOT, really, have a true Democracy? (No Carbon Tax from a Gov. I lead? No EU from our Gov. Multiculturalism is the way to go. --- ALL decided WITHOUT the WISHES of the PEOPLE?)

Perhaps it's the destruction of Libya's areas of green in the desert; the destruction of both the enormous concrete piping delivering water to the area and the factory manufacturing the pipes, let alone the possible, thousand 'GREEN' Libyans massacred, as yet, unreported, that starts one wondering.

Surely Libyan towns weren't military targets? Didn't the civilians need water? How did such an act come about?

The warcry seemed: ---- "Help the civilians in Libya?" As NATO / UN / AMERICA / UK / FRANCE et-alia purported?

Who asked for Libyan help?
Who decided to give it and for what real reason?
Why not help other middle East Countries that are persecuting civilians?
Saudi Arabia; Qatar? Brunei et-alia? (O... sorry, these mobs are also ALREADY OWNED BY AMERICA?) Again, this news may be erroneous, but who can one trust to report the "TRUTH?"

Going back to when Iraq was decimated by America, it then seemed wrong. If one has exposure to Middle East culture it seemed so arrogant of America to destroy Saddam and believe they could do 'better?' ME culture is different from Xian, PC, Western culture, the 'Turn the Other Cheek,' translates to, 'An eye for an Eye,' there. Tribal conflict simmers below mind and Saddam had all this in control, as did Gadaffi in Libya. (if the media reported correctly?) America had no chance of controlling a culture ruled in this manner, but there was more corruption afoot from the, 'World Policeman,' you can research.

No investigative mission was sent into Libya to verify the media reports of Gadaffi killing civilians. The decision to 'invade' was decided on various Al-Jazera FALSIFIED reports of this happening and THIS 'lady's' recommendation and false claim Gadaffi gave viagra to his army. (So the media reports?)

The media also reports that UK SAS+US CIA were in Libya some time ago fomenting an uprising. (If this is true?) So, it becomes apparent that NATO (76% 'owned' by America if this is correct?) had other motives for the decision, such as;


  • If gold were traded in exchange for oil, (Gadaffi was going to a gold-reserve to sell Libyan oil -- Saddam was going to trade oil for Euros when he got into 'trouble.' --- if the media is correct?) then at the current market gold price America would be out of gold in a year!!! And EU will have had the same fate. Then the fraud paper money would have to go in to the garbage bin.
  • Assassinating Gadaffi himself. For many years Gadaffi had troubled the West and past attempts to assassinate him are well documented, especially his lengthy 2009 UN diatribe where he crucified the US/UN/Arab Nation, and his 'dodgy' dealings with Blair, Sarkozy and Bush. (If the media reports were true?)

This Libya farce should restore interest in the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories; the theories that we, in the West, have been manipulated by those we 'Elected,' to 'Carry out our Wishes,' NOT to manipulate US for whatever ends THEY deem fit. Currently via media "SMISC."
It makes one inquisitive to ask why we are told one thing and after the 'Elected' gain Power, we are subjugated to something else we didn't want, were told of, would never agree to, and can do nothing about?


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