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Abelard sat perusing the new neighbourhood. It was nice. Trees to scratch on. Places to defecate and urinate in. And the birds! So many to eat! She sat in the sun. For a while. She reminisced. The small mental space within her brain, recently evolved, allowed a narratisation of her past experiences to be replayed over and over again. Some would say a "memory." She knew she was female. Knew what this meant, though unconsciously. Her reverie interrupted as the verandah door burst open. She heard the squealing of the two-legged, small ones. She rolled over. They approached. Eager. A longing to touch her. She ran. They chased. She let them catch her and the affection came as they squealingly caressed her. She jumped from the captivation. A game. They chased. Under a fir tree she hid. They tried to catch her but couldn't. It was fun. Somewhat dimly narratised within her developing consciousness. Then a larger two-legged approached. With a cardboard box. This one grabbed her by the scruff. She mentalised a reconstruction. When quite young she reconstructed the pattern. Her mother had often done this so she relaxed. Knowing safety.

The box was dark. She worried not. Mentally reconstructing the games she had had with prior two-legged ones. Food and safety her reconstruct consciousness proferred.

Light blinded her as the box lid opened. She welcomed the hand entering. The hand of another two legged one. It scruffed her neck. As her mother would do. She commenced to soundfully appreciate that which was to come.


"O-K, Shelley. This bloody feral stray's gone. I strangled it." Said Bruce as he dumped the cat's body. "Bloody bitch she were as well!" He added.

Abelard lay decomposing in the dying sun. Her young, evolving, "I" having left her lifeless body.

Only one "two-legged" worried. Some distance along the road a small girl, her little, "I" evolving in a different manner to Abelard's, cried. "Daddie, why did Abelard go away?" "Don't cry." The reply, "We'll look for her, and some nice person will find her and bring her back," the daddie replied.

Abelard was just a cat. A female one.

Possibly turning into something as feral as the "conscious" two-legged one responsible for her demise?

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