iwishihad the solution to your wish fulfilment. post on the wishlist for help for ideas, inventions or problems
The solution to your wish fulfilment
  • Using iwishihad

Send iwishihad an email outlining your wish -- be it:-

  • an idea
  • an invention
  • a product requiring funding
  • a problemadvice.

What would you wish to be included on iwishihad?

  • iwishihad will advise on the next course of action.
  • The Wish List
  • The Wish List is an 'exchange forum' inviting help for your ideas, inventions and problems.
  • iwishihad will remain the central contact point between you and interested entities gathered from the Wish List.
  • Contact information is never disclosed until both involved entities agree.
  • This anonymity protects both entities.
  • You determine the content of what is placed on the Wish List.
  • iwishihad transfers your desires to the Wish List.
  • The cost?
  • Posting on the Wish List is free unless the amount of information you request to be posted involves iwishihad in extra work. (See iwishihad's Rules if you haven't done so already)
  • Confidentiality:
  • All information disclosed to iwishihad is totally confidential.
  • Goto the Wish List

You forgot your wedding anniversary! Make amends, at least, TRY TO!!

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