What do you need help with? Something you've been thinking about for a long time?

...something which makes you say...

iwishihad the solution to your wish fulfilment. post on the wishlist for help for ideas, inventions or problems
The solution to your wish fulfilment

iwishihad can help you with your:--

  • ideas:

You have an idea which could become a Product .

  • How can you find out the viability of your idea?
  • If your idea is commercial what should you do to protect it?
  • Where can you get further help?
  • You don't have much money.
  • iwishihad can help -- post on the Wish List.
  • inventions

You're an innovative farmer, convinced microwave energy can be used to sterilise weeds. It must be possible. You've tried dragging a wheeled microwave oven behind your tractor but the thing keeps catching fire.

  • What should you do?
  • Where can you get further help?
  • You don't have much money.
  • iwishihad can help -- post on the Wish List.
  • problems

You're looking for ways to improve your 'widget', increase throughput or reduce costs or just fix the "*!*%*" thing!

  • You know where the problem lies.
  • You have no idea of the problem just want a better 'widget'.
  • You know how to improve it.
  • You have no idea how to improve it but know it can be done.
  • Where can you get further help?
  • iwishihad can help -- post on the Wish List.
  • wishes
  • let iwishihad know.
  • The solution
  • iwishihad can help
  • by inviting aid from entities with the insight to realise what you want.
  • by advising where problems exist and how these can be eliminated.
  • by posting your wish, at your request, on the Wish List.

The World has become small yet there will always be someone looking for help not knowing where to go next. There is always someone, somewhere, having the answer to your problem. The problem is, where is this 'someone'?

Your family doesn't understand what you sacrifice to invent things. Treat them to a weekend away, relax and discover THE solution to your PROBLEM!

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