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"Doit yourself was quite nice, wasn't it?

iwishihad wonders, again, how 'The Law' continually encroaches on our Lives, ''pretending' to make them 'Safer' and 'Easier?'

We used to be able to run a mains-lead to nearby barby, and can still do so, (IF the mains lead has a 'TESTED' label on it=$5?) Of course, someone has to die or be injured before this flagrancy of 'Regulations' is discovered.

Cabling or telecommunication wires were also once 'DIY.' No more! To play with these wirey things now attracts a 12-point fine if not ACMA 'Accredited!' (1 point= a fine of $1032!!!)

How sad, when many of us understand the requirement, and capable of DIY, but are not accredited.

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