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Alex is Australian. Born here and raised here. He had a Degree in Economics but could find no work so became a waiter. He tolerated Immigrants, had no choice, but, in the main quite liked them. He did not undertand why some of the immigrant women wrapped themselves in clothing that obscured their beauty. He learned it was due to, 'Their "Religion," yet could not understand this, but being Australian, accepted this fact.

One day he was lining up at the counter of a Bank. Before him was a (possibly) female attired in a grey hijab. She smelt so nice he almost had an erection. When it was her turn to be served, she was asked by the bank clerk to remove her facial occlusion in order to validate the image on her driving licence.

She refused.

The bank security people intervened and took her off somewhere else. Alex was quite disturbed about this. In a 'Free Society' this was abhorrent to him.

He said nothing. He attended his business and walked out.

On reaching the carpark he was astonished to see some hairy fuckwit beating the shit out of the, 'person,' he had stood behind, in the bank. "Oi! You bastard, stoppit." His voice emanated. The 'hairy-one' ran off. He approached this supine mass, on the floor, and lifted it to a standing position. He removed the cloth covering the facial part.

His heart, stopped, for a moment, as his eyes beheld the most beautiful, young girl, he had ever seen! Blood was streaming from her beautiful eyes, running down her chin, and dropping to the ground. He took his handkerchief, from his pocket, spat on it and attempted to cleanse her wounds. She pushed him away, saying, "No, You will rape me!!" "No I will not," Alex replied. This seemed to help the situation. The young girl calmed, a bit. Yet still nervous, looking about her. "Why are you helping me and not raping me," she asked?

Alex, perplexed, uttered, "There is no pleasure in rape. There is much pleasure in loving one whom gives herself, freely" He added, even though his loins quivered to do such. The young girl smiled. A tear fell from her eye. "You are Australian?" She replied. Alex nodded. She smiled, again. She kissed him. Her soft, sensuous lips, evoking a feeling that being conscious cannot explain. She turned and walked away. Alex stood, rooted to the spot, transfixed by his experience. He, sadly, wandered home feeling 'not-there.'

Some weeks later there was a knock on the door of his lone bedsitter. He opened the door and gasped! Standing there, before him was the young, 'girl-in-a-tent,' as he had remembered her, from the Bank. Yet now, she was dressed in Western garb. Her solid, mounds of flesh, apparent through her wispy blouse, her mini-skirt revealing her legs, legs he would die-for! Alex was dumbstruct. He could not speak. "May I enter?" this 'vision' uttered. Alex nodded, he could do nothing else. "My name is Aisha." She told him. This 'Young Female of Perfection' sat at his table. Stumbling, he also, in a mesmerised state, managed to sit opposite her. "I am trying to, 'integrate.'" She said. "Become, an Australian. Do you like me? Is my dress correct?" Alex, in his state, could only nod.

And so it continued. The young girl came to his bedsitter every week and their mutual desires grew. No sex, just a 'longing.'

Then, one night, Aisha knocked on his door. He opened it, anticipating their consumption of the meal he had prepared. Alas, Aisha was thrown through his door by the, 'Hairy-One,' and the latter and another grotesque 'hairy' entered.

He did not feel the blow to his head delivered by the 'Hairy One.' Alex did not understand. His body dropped to the ground as he saw the other hairy cut the throat of Aisha.

His Bicameral Voice admonished, "Fucked this up, didn'tcha. They killed her for becoming, 'Western,' and associating with you, an 'Unbeliever.' At least you are both dead. Could have been WORSE, couldn't it?"

As he, and Aisha died, he did not understand. As ALL of US don't.


Possibly, someone, has, already??

Corollary: Both, 'Hairy-Ones' are pleading they should, on Religious Grounds, be tried by Shariah, not by Western Courts?

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