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iwishihad disclaimer, 9 November 2003:

The following information is supplied in good faith to help those interested in "Going ISDN." It should not be taken as absolutely correct. The reader should consult Telstra's and Bigpond's current FAQs to confirm the following comments. Early research was helped by information posted on Simon Wright's excellent "Whirlpool." Another useful reference is HERE: iwishihad takes no responsibility for the currency of the following data as plans change very fast.

The NT1 plus II box is a modem that is programmed with "AT command strings." It has a standard RS232 input and a USB input. The RS232 input is "supposed" to top-out at a DTE speed of 115KBits/sec but can be used at a higher speed of 230K for 128KBit connects. It is possible that production spreads limit this so you should check using a modem program to "talk" to it. If you set the DTE speed to 230K and get "ERROR" when just "AT" is sent then the thing will only handle 115K. If you get an "OK" then it will probably handle the 230K DTE speed without using the USB connection.

Some AT strings:

All in all, if you cannot get ADSL, ISDN is overpriced but somewhat better at 128K but not so good at 64K as V42bis compression from a 56K modem almost equals it when surfing but not as good downloading compressed stuff.

The saving grace, perhaps, is that the NT1 box apparently drops out if it gets DOS'ed or ping-flooded whereas an ADSL modem wont (and then you may have to pay M$$ for the uninvited ADSL insurgence!) You can check this HERE by choosing Gibson Research's "Check all my ports to 1056."

ADSL is cheaper than ISDN and faster:

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