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TO BE COMPETENT OR NOT TO BE -- That is the Question?:

iwishihad looks to the future and imagines one of a multifarious array of holistic, capstonial possibilities in a society suicidedly addicted to regulation, conformity and SAFETY, via lexicality not CAPABILITY!

(iwishihad wonders if the Bicameral Mind is, at last, taking the initiative to retrieve it's loss?):------

'Any day' year 2020:

The bedside alarm woke me at six a.m. as usual. I had to turn on the bedside lamp to see the 'Off' button lexical-tag on the clock and wondered how I had found the bedside lamp in the dark without seeing the 'On' lexical-tag infused therein. Then I realised it was a touch-lamp but still wondered how I found the 'On' lexical-tagged touch-switch that wasn't there, in the darkness! The thought emanated in my left, logical, 'conscious' lobe that, maybe, Competency Assessors hadn't yet found out how to lexically-tag stuff to be right-lobe viewed in the dark. My right-lobe suggested, pictorially, they must be working on it.

In the lowest light level of the bedside lamp, (checked this, the lexical-tag infused in the lamp displayed, 'One touch=low, two=medium, three=full', so I knew it was 'low') I turned over, as the lexical instruction arrows written on the ceiling directed how to and looked at my lovely wife laying there, naked. I knew it to be her, the lexical-tag infused therein told me so. How lovely she looked, even though decades had passed since we met. I admired the lexical-tags infused all over her lovely body -- 'head-tag', 'shoulder-tag', 'left-breast-tag', 'right-breast-tag', 'navel-tag' and 'that place-tag' I had entered the night before, being directed by the luminous lexical 'Competency' directions appearing above the bedhead that allowed me to function correctly and with Total Quality Mission. She had missed the 'Orgasm Now!' lexical-tag infused on the ceiling so had not enjoyed things as much as I. Never mind. I did wonder, however, why my left-lobe, conscious self-talk seemed to be getting less. Perhaps 'conformity' had something to do with it?

I got up feeling guilty and with some difficulty since I had lost the 'Assessment MX00345634, 'Getting out of bed in the morning' lexical Competency instruction. I hoped the snooper video 'Competency Checker' wall-plugin had really been fixed by my fiddling. Didn't care really. Wandering to the bathroom I ensured I followed the lexical-tag directions infused within the walls and floor. I knew the floor was under my feet because the lexical-tags infused therein advised me so. Entering the shower, the lexical-tag, 'Open this door to enter shower' telling me 'how', I thought I'd have fun. Ignoring the lexical-tagged instruction 'Operating the shower', infused therein, I turned on the tap lexical-tagged 'hot', first. The harsh alarm, 'InCompetent, InCompetent', shrilled at me! I mentally grinned and commenced urinating into the handbasin, 'InCompetent, InCompetent, use the urinal!!!', greeting this action. I didn't worry. To-date no-one had approached the 'Competency' of 'How to die'. That didn't worry me being somewhat ancient.

Rebel, our GSD, came up to me. I knew it was him, even though his hair was cut as a poodle, since the lexical-tag infused within the shaved area on his head told me so. I had been 'Assessed Competent' at that and had a 'Capstone' to prove it even though GSD's had been banned some time ago as 'dangerous'. Competency Assessors are only experts at 'procedure' so it had been easy to ensure when the, 'Hair-type of dog' was being assessed it was seen as 'poodle-type' - 'tick' in the 'box', 'GSD', 'no-tick' in the 'box'.

The 'How to talk to a dog', verbal-emission-instruction lexical- tag on his nose stimulated an 'Hullo ole fella, let Dave give you a pat,' from my mouth. I knew it was my mouth even without touching the lexical-tag infused therein. Uh-Oh, my right-lobe pictorially issued a glowing, 'InCompetent' visualisation at this InCompetent, left-lobe, logical, reflective thought.

I entered the shower and showered. The lexical-tag on the soap hurt, a bit and my conscious left-lobe began translating the ideas emanating from my right lobe such that all the lexical-tags telling me what every item within the shower identity was, faded from my visual appreciation of their safety. 'If I could generate an holographic lexical-tag for the water now running over my body, (I knew it to be my body since the lexical-tag informing me this appeared within my view, somehow, perhaps a right-lobe visual hallucination?) I could make 'millions'. Yah! And lexically-tag all the other 'water-sounds!' Even more 'Yah!'

Showered and dressed, I made breakfast. Easy! Just follow all the lexical-tags and lexical instructions to be obeyed. If one went 'wrong', the 'InCompetent', alarm would 'help'. Living was becoming sooo SAFE!

I picked up my car-keys, I knew they were mine and their function, as their lexical-tags visually informed my right-lobe so, via my conscious, logical left-lobe and went to the front door, lexically-tagged so. The lexical-tag, 'Open to exit or see who is there', on it seemed obvious to my left-lobe. 'InCompentent,' emanated from my right-lobe at this reflective, conscious thought.

I looked at the sky. NO LEXICAL-TAGS!!!! Oh, Jeez, my left lobe informed me -- if my holographic lexical-tagging idea works -- WOW! What loot I would make!! The shrill, 'InCompetent' hallucination from my right-lobe disintegrated the thought.

Looking at the garden area, I knew this, it was lexically-tagged so, I got worried. All my wife's blooming plants were lexically-tagged correctly but there were a few dying. NO LEXICAL-TAG TELLING ME THEY WERE DOING THIS!!! Yuk!!

Made a note to make sure she lexically-tagged correctly. Didn't want an 'InCompetent' infringement, did I?

My left-lobe contemplated shortening its self-talk from 'lexical-tag' to 'l-t' but 'something faintly' told me this could be misinterpreted by some as 'Low Tension'. One must steer away from the InCompetent simplicities of acronym.

My Toyota Consuela awaited me, I knew it both to be a Consuela and mine by the lexical-tags informing me so. I also knew the name of every part of the vehicle by the lexical-tags infused at the correct places. The lexical-tag 'Roof' and 'Lower Part' in accordance with VTX0005267459 'Labelling of motor vehicles'. It improved safety absolutely. In crashes the Triage could easily identify, in lexical manner from their lexical procedures, that the vehicle was upside-down. No conscious, erroneous, error-making left-lobe logical, creative, reflective thought processes involved!

I remotely opened it's door, I knew it was it's door, the lexical-tag on the door told me so and the 'remote', lexical-tagged similarly, and got in. I knew how to do this by the lexical-tag, 'Enter car through this opening if outside of the vehicle' infused in the horizontal door-pillar. Sitting in the seat likewise was lexical-tagged. Easy. Safe. No conscious, left-lobe thought required. Just lexical instructions to the right lobe of my brain as it used to be before reflective consciousness arose within the left-lobe -- truly bicameral! And SAFE!

I started the Consuela, the lexical-tag on the dash telling me how, and proceeded to exit my driveway. I knew it to be both a driveway and mine by the lexical-tags therein infused. There was a noise from inside the bonnet, I knew it to be a bonnet by the lexical-tag infused therein, that 'noise' I dimly 'knew' but the 'knowing' faded as my left-lobe 'blue-screened'.

Before my right lobe took over I had a fleeting conscious moment, probably emanating from my left, partially-conscious lobe, but being increasingly lexically subdued by the visual lexical input that was really only there to enforce obedience to the right lobe.

I wondered how drivers decades ago managed to drive safely without lexical input. Surely their left-lobe reflective, conscious, erroneous mind would have taken them into self-talk and away from the physically alert, right-lobe bicameral state driving. How dangerous! The thought died within my left-lobe as it's consciousness truly ceased, the lexical instruction appearing on the head-up display of the vehicle window taking over. 'Drive Safely'. I knew it was the window, the lexical-tag infused within it informed me so before my left-lobe consciousness extinguished.

The 'Drive Safely' lexical infusion on the Consuela front window suppressed my left-lobe conscious mind all the way to work. My right-lobe was in such a state of alertness that the journey was absolutely safe. In this state I never saw the forest, only each and every tree, every small pebble on the road!

As I got out of the Consuela, via the lexical directions infused on the interior horizontal door pillar, I felt my left-lobe consciousness struggling back to life. It challenged the lift operator. My right-lobe, bicameral-state mind knew it to be the lift operator by his lexical adornment. "Are you qualified to operate this lift'? He quickly extracted a Capstone from a pocket and my auto Bluetooth IV, RF interrogator confirmed he was so to my, now fully conscious left lobe inquisitiveness.

As the lift ascended, I knew it to be so, my right-lobe, visual, lexically stimulated, growing, informed me so, I was mummified! I had discovered why Competency had come into existence! I was stunned, elated, orgasmicfied!

I remembered, or my left logical, reflective, conscious, erroneous lobe did, reading Julian Jaynes' book on the demise of the bicameral man. This apparently happened some 3000 years ago and hailed the evolution of the left-lobed 'conscious', reflective man, but I realised now it to be TRUE! ALL TOO LATE!!!

As this body sat at the computer, the lexically tagged keyboard keys, 'Push this for the letter 'e', push 'Shift' for capital 'E'' seemed REALLY correct. The dying, left lobe consciousness that was the 'recently' evolved electronic activity within it commenced pleading. 'Dave, Dave, don't do this. You'll lose it all, creativity, affection, love, all those emotions that makes self-conscious, reflective man, 'man'. Your little metaphor 'I' will die, be gone forever. Don't do it Dave, ....................I'm SCARED..........' (ibid:'HAL, 2001' Arthur C Clarke)

Then God speaketh. Speaketh from within 'it's' right lobe.



The day 'passed' for the 'being' once named 'Dave'. Without consciousness there can be no 'time' or 'personality'.

As the Behemoth's ideology spread man returned to the Bicameral State.

There was no deceit. Consciousness breeds deceit.

No wars, no love, no hate, no promiscuity, no transexuality. Consciousness breeds all these.

Man just 'was'. Without his 'analogue of I', his metaphor of 'self' that used to 'live' in a 'mind-space' of critical reflection, searching perenially for 'truth'.

'Was', in a retrieved Bicameral state, hearing the word of 'God', the Ultimate Capstone, from the right-lobe. Living aurally, aided lexically, translated by the non-conscious, logical left-lobe. Living in a life of absolute conformity.

Nature recovered and the raped earth became abundant once more.

As the Bible once lexically stated, 'There be peace and abundance covering the earth for one thousand years.'

It had taken 3000 years for man to develop left-lobe 'consciousness' and a mere 9000 moons for this 'consciousness' to induce regression back to that Bicameral state where everyone is competent not knowing left-lobe reflective, consciousness only breeds InCompetence.

Those responsible knew nothing about 'content', only 'procedures', universally applied to achieve Conformity and, apparently, Quality?

They had really achieved the task!

If you have further interest in 'Competencies' visit HERE. Most are now superceded.

If you are confused by the word 'Bicameral' it means 'two chambers'.

Julian Jaynes has a theory that may interest you.

Click on the image below:

bicameral man

Then buy the book: "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" ISBN0 14 01.7491 5

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