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-- This is not a well-known perception.

Rizoma was born of a very poor family. His brothers and sisters all died of malnourishment although the Western mega$$$$ had been donated to the government that he unknowingly abided by never reached his level.

He begged cents from the rich Westerners who visited his country until that peculiar, little mindspace of "I" gestated within his left hemisphere. Then, as his parents did, he turned to his little "I" perceived 'Religion.' Just as many hundreds of tens of thousands, of his ilk, all over this world do. There was no reward herein on this earthly plane. In the 'afterlife' he would have thrusting genitalia power unheard of, as this religion dicktated. Pretty good for Rizoma as testosterone commenced flowing within his lower areas his perceived Religion forbade investigation of.

He continued in this way for some years and eventually made a magnificent explosive device, it was alleged, to knock-off some immoral unbelievers or believers, depending upon the little, "I" perception.

Only 88 or so Australians were done-in by the result. Many more Balinese left orphaned. He was dissapointed but caught, tried and found guilty. His lawyer appealed. It was thought Rizoma would languish in prison. Become a martyr, for 'The Cause.' He did not.

Around early morning, "They" arrived. No-one knew from whence.

They carried a suidean animal. Grunting and squealing. No-one knew why.

Rizoma and the suidean animal were injected with a pain killer, no-one knew what.

It was just as the West perceived, an "Humane" methodology.

The suidean animal was dressed in a candlewick garment, placed on Rizoma's head and set alight.

As it humanely burned, like a candle, it's fat running down over Rizoma.

There was no physical pain.

Pain like he had dealt to his victims. Just humane retribution.

Just the pain his little, reflective, "I" gave him as he saw his flesh turn black from the burning fat. Just like a candle burning with localised combustion they burned until nothing remained. The room wherein they left from was untouched by the localised heat.

No-one knew where the "Devils" came forth from.

But the West had, at last perhaps learned to fight the "Good Fight" and hide in the Shadows.

iwishihad, ponders, at the return of our bicamerality and justice?

Corollary: never acknowledging this Truth, Rizoma's compatriots let it be known that God had instigated "Spontaneous Combustion" within this Martyr.

It's all within the perception that ALL our little, "I"'s generate, innit?

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