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Sheila had graduated from University with First Class Degrees in both Electronics and Education. She had chosen to teach within the Adult Sector because she 'knew' it would be more challenging to apply her 'expert' learning helping adult learners. Sitting in front of her first 'Facilitational' she surveyed the all male adult facilitatees inspecting the workbooks handed out. Reflecting. Applying her 'learnt' metaphors.

She mentally classified all the learners within the Learning Theories. The, '-ists'. The, '-isms.' Even the, '-visms.' But knew it was only her perception of them. She was a champion of Constructivism. She perceptively knew her perception of them would not be the same as their perception of themselves and of her. She knew she must let them make-meaning in their own perceptive way, irrespective of how they perceived her way of perceiving what was perceptively happening. 'I must ensure they get concrete metacognitive perceptive experiences and associated actions that will provide input to perceptively, impermanent metacognitive knowledge, until gestation, which in turn will influence their future experiences based on their perceptive schema', her little, "I" thoughtfully added. She felt all warm and fuzzy at 'her' ability to diagnose, in a perceptive manner, the 'learning' requirements of her perceived facilitatees.

It seemed a short time but it took up the whole morning as she applied her 'Learning Theories' making both mental and lexical notes. 'One must learn how 'Learners' learn', perceptively possessed her to do a good job. The afternoon seemed to drag as she introduced the perceptively boring 'content'.

BJT's didn't seem to go at all well. She tried all sorts of aids. Role-playing. LightPro. Demonstration. Even cue-cards but Bruce was never perceived as getting the perception of how a BJT was perceived simply as a variable resistance. 'Oh, well,' She mentalised, 'There's always tomorrow'.

After a lot of 'tomorrows' she was confident the group would pass the assessment excepting Bruce. He blew everything he touched up! He was so stupid! Er, perceptively stupid? So perceptively stiff and perceptively unemotional. Never gave 'feedback'. Her teacher (er, 'Facilitator') training mentalised, possibly, perceptively, 'InCompetent', (er, 'NYC') at this perceptive thought.

Only one of the group passed the assessment. ---- Bruce! Sheila was unperceptively dumbfounded!

At the individual reviews she gently interrogated each mature male student but got no real, concrete feedback or objection at the way she had facilitated. Most of them appeared to infer she was 'lacking in lifelong learning' so they had 'shut-off', (being in charge of their learning). She didn't, mentally, accept this, but let it not show.

Then it was Bruce's turn. 'How did you manage to pass,' She asked. Bruce unemotionally replied, 'It was taught. It was played with and it was learnt.' 'But the others', She replied, agitated, they didn't learn. She was utterly confused by this unconscious, apparently biological resemblance of an Intel 12 Gig machine. 'They were conscious of you.' Was Bruce's curt reply. 'Conscious?' Sheila asked, very confused and missing the perceptive comment.

Bruce looked out of the window. The sun was setting and, to Sheila, this seemed to make him relax and appear not so unemotional as he had been throughout this ordeal she had come to call it. He smiled. Smiled for the very first time in the three months she had been facilitating him. In some weird manner she perceived his psychomotor actions complemented hers. She thought she fancied him! Momentarily. Then it was gone. Like a primordial hallucination. A feeling apparently, coming, unconsciously, from the right side of her head.

'Consciousness cannot consciousise consciousness'. He smilingly replied, 'You are very young and very beautiful, so I had to stop being conscious in order to learn the little techo stuff you had to teach. So it was played with to prove it.' Sheila blushed and didn't know what to do. 'Would you like to join me in a coffee? I will try to explain.' Sheila nodded. Not knowing why.

Later that evening, Sheila's reflective, introspective, conscious left-lobe abode, seemingly through a mist, watched as Bruce removed her clothes. 'I am now consciously Bicameral.' Was all that Bruce uttered with the mouth that would soon send her quivering. Her little, internalised metaphor of conscious 'self', continued to watch, 'knowing' what the ensuing delivery of 'content' would be, and somehow, elatedly welcoming it. Before the little, "I" metaphor of 'her' dissolved into repeated Bicameral orgasms she had the fleeting, logical, left-lobe thought that those who 'taught' (surely 'facilitated'?) should be made aware that they were wrong!

They had not considered the Bicameral Mind in learning theory!

Sheila and Bruce married and had two children they named, 'Gauche' and 'Droit'.

Being somewhat older than Sheila, Bruce died and was 'Bicaramelised'.

Sheila TEACHES Neuro Linguistic Programming and appears very 'unemotional' to introspective left-lobe 'conscious' students, the latter achieving one-hundred percent passes in examinations. (er -- Assessments!)

The Educational Establishment continues to assert it 'knows' and therefore must 'facilitate' how to facilitate teachers of perceptive learners how to be perceptively facilitated, both hiding within a mental, left-lobe space of contextualised, spatialised, metaphorical, reflectively conscious little, "I", facilitating in, and facilitated within a facilitation facility.

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