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Where will all de weapons go, now de selling...?

She walked back to the small apartment with no sorrow in her heart, no anger, pity, love or hatred within her.

She had no concept of these metaphors.

She did not know she was an ancient 'Fundamentalist.' An innocent, unconscious species surviving the genocide that conscious man had dealt her predecessors. The type of genocide the 150 Spanish protoconscious Conquistadors dished out to the powerful Inca race who were unable to deceive or narratize out other's deception.

She had no internal, conscious, reconstruct mindspace little, "I" to re-enact temporal experience within. She had only "Life." Only her internal, right-lobe magister to guide her. To kill without remorse if told. To survive without conscious reason for doing so. And now she knew she was with child. The brother would have to buy and sell many more small arms to the Invaders in the future.

iwishihad wonders how many bicameral beings have survived the genocide conscious 'man' delivered to them, and still live among us?

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