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-- should Accreditation be non-lexical judged "Capability?"

John, Paul, George and Ringo sat within their old Transit taking them to their first, real accreditation. Before performing "On-Air" it would seem the Authorities wanted some form of accreditation. Not just "Capability." The Assessor had visited them prior. To make them 'comfortable.' Explain the Assessment. John had thought the Assessor bloke. "after me arse." The others similar perception excepting Paul. He thought the Assessor was a dick-sucker.

Being naive and young they believed in the Authorities. So, they flexibly complied, with a purported flexible, inflexible assessment methodology.

The assessor bloke was already at the music studio when they entered. He had pen and tick-boxes ready.

They set themselves up accordingly, extracting stuff from the Transit not seeing the assessor furiously ticking 'boxes,' and delivered their own composition, "She Loves You, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

They got a "NYC." From the Assessor.

None of them could read music-sheets. No Quality Plan. No business plan. None of them had lexical-squiggled music Qualifications. etcetera, etcetera. View results? HERE:

John joined the Navy.

Paul became a monk.

George emigrated to India.

Ringo bought a fish and chip shop in Liverpool.

The "Beatles" never existed. They were Assessed, "NYC" according to our current dreamalive land modus-operandi of assessing "CAPABILITY!"

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