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Is this YOUR Paradox?:

Arbuthnot had lived some 35 years or so. A loner. When one met him there was an initial unease, like thinking one has seen a snake, a spider or something. Then it was gone as 'Ar', as he was always called, seemed, somehow, to allow one to warm to him. If one had been observant, in a consciously bicameral fashion, maybe the bodily actions he used or the skin colour flushing, minutely, the eye movement, would have explained it. But no-one who met Ar realised or perceived such theoretical nuances. Ar was the sort of being one forgot but always remembered, inexplicably. He was liked by everyone who met him. A good worker, friend, lover. Honest beyond honesty and so straightforward it sometimes hurt, the real truth, but so verbally concise. Ar was so good at all physical things. Martial arts came easily. Surfing, footy, soccer, everything physical Ar did, he excelled at. He was never seen to hurt even a fly but amazed one with his physical speed in catching one on the 'fly', as it were, before letting it go outside. His only flaw, if this could be called a flaw, was speaking in the third person, although an 'Ow ar' yer mate?' Returning, 'It is good', went unnoticed.

Ar worked as a cabby. Good at this he was. Customers liked him. He got many lays and always used a condom, testing it by inflation before use, although only those ladies laid would have seen this and wondered why. Perhaps he was skilled at 'Risk Management' before the meme had been invented? One perceives, and sets rules for oneself, and only Ar knew why.

Then the rules changed. All cabbies had to become accredited. A National Standard aimed at.

An observer would have noticed that the Workplace Assessor was somewhat effeminate as he got into the cab with Ar, and notice further that Ar's body-language had also noticed this. "You are Arbuthnot?" The Assessor commenced on his diatribe of making assessees sickly 'comfortable. "It is." Was the only response from Ar. After more 'people-hugging' techniques and explaining the assessment the cab moved off. Ar had to verbally describe 'how' he drove by verbally explaining every action his conscious mind was taking, in relation to the input via his eyes, that directed his bodily skills. Oh yeah!

Ar said nothing for a few blocks. "You are supposed to be telling me what is in your mind." The assessor reminded Ar. "Nothing," was Ar's curt reply. "But how can you drive with nothing in your mind?" Retorted the assessor. "You wish it to consciousise something?" Ar replied, "Okay. Last night the lover was made love to. It was very sensual." Ar commenced relating the experience as if it were now happening. He continued to drive impeccably even avoiding a near collision that made the assessor cringe at the skill. In the third person a descriptive account of lovemaking doesn't give one the normal heterosexuality of the happening so the assessor, being somewhat, allegedly, bent, got all excited at his consciously perceived, possibly, latest, 'amour-to-be' and licked his lips in uncontrolled consciously perceived imagination of what could be what was in his little consciousness. When Ar stopped the construct the assessor was a bit 'wet'. "I'll give you another chance, tell me what you see and do as you drive, Okay?" The assessor said, voice quivering in lustful anticipation. "Okay. It sees the leaves on the trees, that one is dying, that one is brown, there are four small stones we have just passed, one sharp enough to pierce the right front wheel so it was avoided, the road back there was slightly cambered to the right so it was avoided, the...." Ar paused. Then, "It is somewhat hard to relay the happening outside of the inside because it is so slow on the outside compared to the inside happening because the happening needs translation through the voice. Do you understand?" "Pull over to the kerb." The assessor said and Ar obeyed. "I'll pass you if you're nice to me," the assessor added as he slimily smiled, licked his lips and grabbed at Ar's genitalia area.

When the police arrived Ar was holding the assessor on the bonnet of the cab having pushed him through the windscreen first. They weren't sure, at first, but Ar's bodily actions, skin colour-change, eye movements, perhaps, made them take their hands off their guns.

Ar was never charged.

When he took the second assessment he stated that he would only do as the assessor asked if the assessor would verbally describe how the assessor spoke while speaking.

The assessor gave him a 'NYC' but, after almost going insane thinking about it, requested a retest for Ar some time later.

'Flexibility' and 'Fairness' are imperceptively paramount in assessment, you know. The assessor enjoyed the ride without Ar saying anything.

Ar passed. It made no difference to him.

We all have to comply with rules generically generated by our little, reflective, consciousness construct we call, 'I'. Rules that are dynamically changing just as our little metaphor of 'I' develops and tries to understand how alone it is, left without direction, godless in this beautiful, harsh, unevil world, where consciousness only started 3000 years ago.

And what of the assessor? He now studies Buddhism. He is learning to 'quiet his mind,' stop the 'thousand monkeys' to achieve 'Nirvana.' Is this the 'place' where one meets, and is with God? Or, is this the 'place' where one hears and hallucinates God speaking and instructing conformity from the right lobe?

Is this the 'same difference?'

Is this evolution or devolution?

Ask an evolved, bicameral man.

Find Arbuthnot.

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