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"HOW TO GENERATE A CULT". -- That is imagination!:

Fred was a night watchman. A bit 'thick'. (Intellectually abnormal for those misunderstanding.) Note this metaphor derives from 'SEEING". We cannot 'analogue' anything internally that isn't in the physical world?

Back to Fred. His job was to watch the 'hole' the daytime excavators had excavated to ensure no-one either fell into it or stole it. He wasn't completely sure about this. He had an X-Box, Playstation I, II and III to while away the time. A DVD player, Dell 5 Gig and lots more. But he had reached all game top-levels and was bored. So, he started masturbating. This was fun, at first, but the fun wore off. He tried extending the ejaculation time and searched for the topmost level herein.

It got better. He could 'holdingly-pre-empt' an ejaculation for hours! Now, physiologically this feat is quite difficult. Some schools of Yoga advocate this but, again, from the male perceptive perspective. So, when Fred was in the throws of 'an higher level' it was no wonder the 'UFO' appeared. By nowadays standards something unique! Yet in bicameral times, when stressed an human manifests an hallucination from the right-lobe to advise and help. The hallucination IS 'real'! If one is schitzoid as today's 'understanding' terms the manifestation. A similar thing happened to Jung but in a dream. He entered the bowels of the earth via steps and saw a seven-foot penis sitting (?) on a throne. But that's another diversion.

Back to Fred. Fred never thought about it but he had changed. His workmates noticed and crept up on his canvas nightwatchman's tent only to hear sighs of ejaculatory orgasm. They joined him. A cult had begun. Fred was induced by this adulation to teach. He never knew what the UFO wanted, perhaps to 'dump' excreta? But he wove this into the cult philosophy.

Soon the cult had 1000 members, including inorgasmic, recepticle, females looking for 'something'. Fred and his 'high-priests' supplied, taught them well and often, ensuring they would approach orgasm on the 'Samedai', a colloquialism 'revealed' to Fred when the 'UFO' visited.

But, where would Fred's 'religion' go from here? Pretty obvious, eh? Get 'Immortality' by cloning! This would attract all sorts of people of 'richness'. Strange how mental 'enlightenment' is insufficient and the physical form must be degenerated to, ennit?

'Gonaid' was the cloning company Fred set up. A bit 'masculine' in derivation, like all religious, left-lobe replications, but no-one cared. Immortality was around the corner! The first clones produced would be, obviously, 'suspect' by the technical world. "Prove-it", would be said. Didn't matter to Fred's mob. The money commenced rolling in, a bit like Microsoft.

And the rest of us? We still 'clone' between us, man and wife. Fearing death and life. The question we must ask is at what stage of our lives should we be cloned, should we wish?

But, cloning may make sense -- The Father, Son and Holy Ghost (er, Spirit to be politically correct) are all 'one' so is this the first recorded instance of 'cloning', or just another left-lobe concept of the little, partially conscious, analogue "I" mindspace again?

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