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Are 'HYMENTOPTERAE' bicameral? -- That is the Question?:

Antrozzi was quite young, merely a few thousand moons old. He had seen the terrorist attacks on his peoples land many times over. The biological emission of their deadly weapons decimating his family and many other brown-skins.

Every full-moon he ascended the sacred hill, much coveted by his neighbours and their satanic, heretical religion, and waved in the air to the only Great Creator. "Things will change soon". 'God' mused within his head. "I be the 'true' one", it added extolling itself more. Antrozzi felt wonderful as his left-lobe assimilated these 'truths'.

But the terrorists had changed his little world forever. He never hated those white fiends, those coveters of land, those evil, satanistic creatures who enslaved and killed everyone they came in contact with. They were just, 'enemy'. He had no concept of, 'Hate'.

He was a 'Fundamentalist', nurtured by the enslavement his mental, right-lobe' God' had verbally subjected him to since gestation.

He looked around at the temple and the 'other' temple he could see in the distance where those white fiends worshipped their satanic God and had no hate within his physiology. He was just 'Told' it was 'wrong'; by 'His God'. He had no 'mind' to 'make-up'. He accepted it.

He knew the third temple, that which is to come when the red ones returned and were sacrificed to the one true Lord, would come when it did, since he was told that. Told by his 'God'.

A new day was dawning and another passed by. He instantly 'knew' an attack was happening. He rushed down the hill to join the defences. There were more white fiends than he had ever seen before but he attacked nevertheless.

"Marge, those bloody white ants are decimating the little brown ones. I'll have to spray the bloody lot and dig up the nest." -- a sonic modulation meant nothing to Antrozzi as the battle ensued.

He was just a 'Fundamentalist.' A social hymentopterous insect, perhaps, 'right-lobe' directed, who can say not, no? He had no idea of the result of his personal actions since he had no concept of 'being'. He just 'reacted'. Having no 'mind', no concept of a little 'I', he wasn't 'human' so could be 'exterminated' together with his children and family as has been done to bicameral man for millennia when the little, "I" gestated some 3000 years ago and things got worser.(?)

Marge's husband had no qualms in exterminating Antrozzi's race because, outwardly they were not like him. They had no little mind-space "I" with which to hate, lust, destroy, kill, maim, feel shame and get pleasure from such deeds.

They were not 'human' beings. Just 'Fundamentalists'!

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