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-- or is it? Ask Karol from Wadowice.

Karol sat reading the latest edition of Harry Potter. It relaxed him. Much more than his formal duties.

It took him back to his childhood and the majick he found there.

He had been born in Wadowice, Poland. on May 18,1920. He wished he had been around when HadrianVI (1522-3) had been, the majick would have been so much greater then, his little, "I," thought.

The majick in the book wasn't really, "Majick." No turning water into wine. No raising of the dead. No resurrection. Just lexical imaginings stimulating one's little, "I", although not realised within, him, yet.

The library door opened interrupting Chapter 5. The Boss 'Looker-after' appearing.

"Il padre santo, il premiere di Victoria in Australia è arrivato." The man said.

"L'approvazione lo ha lasciato dentro." Karol replied, reluctantly putting down the book.

The arrivee entered the library and emitted, "Ow 'r yer, mate?"

Karol looked puzzled. Looked for translation, "_ lui chied dopo vostro salute," -- " Il ow è yer, compagno?" The Looker-after translated, grinning.

Karol smiled, replied, "Sono bene, molto bene," Then added, "Perchè vietate il vasaio harry prenotate? Leggo loro tutti i che sono molto buoni."

The arrivee looked puzzled, looked to the intermediary, who proffered, "The holy Father asks why you ban harry potter books. He likes them."

Karol smilingly added, "Inoltre state andando vietare la bibbia santa? Ci è magico in ciò."

The Looker-after translated, "The holy father asks are you also going to ban the holy bible? There is majick therein."

The arrivee instantly replied, "No, no, we would not do that!"

Karol grinned. The translation came."Il premiere di Victoria dice no, no, noi non farebbe quello."

"Ah, buon potete baciare il mio anello." Karol replied. The translation came, "The holy father invites you to kiss his ring."

The arrivee paused, for a moment.

In Australian this means something different.

Seeing Karol holding out his ring-hand, a sense of relief must have entered his little, "I." He knelt, kissed the ring on Karol's outstretched hand.

"Ora dicami, che cosa è errato con il vasaio harry?" Karol asked as the arrivee's lips touched his ring.

The translation came, "The holy father wants to know what's wrong with harry potter?"

The arrivee shrugged. Karol muttered something and the arrivee vanished. "Poof!"

"l'OH, merda!" The Looker-after exclaimed. "che il periodo quello, padre santo?

Karol grinned. At his age it was much more fun than the mundane duties of office, wasn't it? Who cared about the translation. The exclamation from the Looker-after was universally translatable and Karol had only got to "Harry's Spell No.4!!!!"

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