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Karol sat pondering about his apparent homophobia. He had no-one to turn to allegedly being the God incarnate rep on this biosphere. His little "I" putrifying over the decades.

He turned to "Harry Potter."

Spell 7.

He, this time wrote the spell down. Lexically. Dissolved it in holy water and 'drank' the spell just as his Coptic predecessors had done as Bicamerality was extinguished.

All over the World the homosexual males became Arborosexuals.They wanted to cohabit with trees!

The Greenies were angry! Karol KNEW what this meant!

The Lesbians didn't, yet, matter. They had only 'Plastic' or 'Wood' protuberances.

Karol knew Harry's Spell, Number 8 would fix them, un-naturals!

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