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SHOULD WE LET OUR KIDS SURF OR WATCH T-V? -- That is the Question?:

Monday, 10 March, 2003:

iwishihad comments about the 'new' discovery of Internet pornography:

It would appear this subject is being "Dodo-ised" by the media and worries parents in this Dream-Alive land down-under. Whinges are emanating from parents that their kids cannot be trusted to surf the 'net alone as they 'often' get exposed to pornography. All sorts of solutions are emanating like "It is the responsibility of the isp to 'police' this horrible-horrible' stuff." (Adda look, did-ya?)

Remember, it is the responsibility of YOUR little, "I", now. Bicameral, didactic right-lobe 'structions (Julian Jaynes) have long-gone! Within your little, analogue, spatial mindspace your children are your children. But, as Kahlil Gibran said; "Your children live in the timespace of tomorrow. A place you cannot visit. They are but arrows shot from your bow."

So, 'aim' them carefully. Do not restrict but guide. Learning that fire 'hurts' is easier by letting 'experience' show. They will still 'invent' a 'you' exclusive world, just as you did in your youth. It may not always be what you want, in your little, "I" judgement..

iwishihad wonders, thinks back, long ago to a youthful period and imagines:


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