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As he sat in his normally aspirated Ford pursuit car Nick was pissed off, even though the big mac tasted good. He knew no reason why 'they' had transferred him to 'somewhere north.' Allegedly Canberra, it could be. He had the best record in the South. He averaged some 1000 speeding fines per month. Had invented the 'damaging Public Property' fines when he fined the basketball player for jumping to hit a bus-stop sign. A precedent it had set. He hated that "Pratts" government. It was just his perception generating this feeling.

He tested the radar speeder checker against some of the larger birds flying around. Not for accuracy but out of boredom and frustration. Then it happened. The black limo.

The black limo approaching checked out at 3.5234516 km / hr over the speed limit. Yippeee! His 'First.' He pulled out behind it, rubber burning. He changed his mind. "Let's play, a bit," his little "I", suggested so he tucked in and reached for the burger, munched it. With the other hand he set the trip on the odo, momentarily taking both hands off the wheel. The burger pickle tasted good. As he drove the suburbs he noticed a few things.

The first corner had a house where a man was beating his wife in the garden. "Domestic," his little, "I", adjudicated, unreported, yet. He drove on, munching.

Another house had a woman beating a dog. "RSPCA," his little, "I," relayed. Munch-on.

Then his personal mobile rang. He gripped the burger with his teeth, and picked the mobile up with his free hand. Thankfully it was an SMS from his wife. He steered the Ford while thumb-click-scrolled reading the message. Not important. Just things to bring home. The burger replaced the mobile in his hand. He belched.

The laser speed logger had recorded an average speed some 3.5 km / hr over the limit for the duration of this 'harrassment?' Time to act, his little, "I" instructed. He was about to 'go,' when the limo screeched to a stop. He braked fiercely, losing the remains of the burger. "Shit," his little, "I," emanated.

The limo rear door opened and a youth jumped out, ran to the side of the road and began kicking a wastepaper basket incessantly, viciously.

"Whee!" Nick's little, "I," injected into the mindspace as he jumped out of the pursuit Ford and ran to the obviously dangerous youth. "You are destroying Public Property," said Nick. Handing the youth an already filled out docket for a fine of $200.

"Stuff You," the youth exploded, "I gave that bugger in the limo a blow-job and he not only refused to pay me but nicked my wallet!"

Nick naively noticed the youth to be about fourteen years old. 'Alleged Paedophilia,' entered his reconstruct space. The thought passed. "Sorry, kid, I can't do anything, it's a problem for the Courts. You gotta prove it. Your word against his." He looked towards the receding limo. Jumping back into his pursuit Ford he set off after it.

"$200 down, another one coming." His little, "I," surmised. The limo was still 3.5 k over the limit Good. On went the siren and the lights. The limo stopped. As Nick did.

What surprised him was the driver. "Give me the ticket." He said, impassively. Nick did. "Now hand this to your supervisor." The driver added, after writing the ticket number on the card he gave to Nick. The limo drove off.

Nick stood. Looking at the card in his hand. He did not understand. Like we ALL don't. Back at Nick's "Nick" his team leader explained. Nick's flabber was 'ghasted.'

Nick changed from that day. His first day. In the new place.

He now always stops when he sees any real Law being broken. He uses his video-phone to record the happenings. He holds up a lexical notice, written in many languages, as he does so. "YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW AND BEING VIDEO RECORDED." The data transmits back to his Mac. Then he makes the report via electronically dated, validated, visual record.

He is not making a lot of money for his employers. He even lets speedsters off with warnings.


He is now being a TRUSTED Policeman to protect us plebs!

When Nick, nicks someone, the lexical, "allegedly," atomises.

They stay "Nicked."

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