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Monday, 8 July 2002:

iwishihad comments about pollies 'HONESTY' and their super-super-superannuation in Australia (and probably elsewhere?)

It seems impossible, nowadays, with all the control that we experience, that a group of 'Special People' still exist?

You know, those 'Above the Law', those who get elected on 'False Promises,' a-priory, then seem to work for a percentage of their lives, disappear for a while, return, and are seen to have a beautiful sun-tan as if they had been in the Bahamas for the past year.

During this time all we did was try to eke out an existence having to comply with their promulgated a-posteriory Laws, on our pension or balance the hours we worked to make ends meet against the extra tax we have to pay if the revenue + pension exceeds the stipend.

Strange and inexplicable in a Western 'civilisation' that we accept, and do not query such imbalances. Apparent, 'dishonesty,' or if we do, we have to do it in a 'politically correct' manner -- no good becoming an human bomb to get improvement.

iwishihad ponders and lets the right lobe speculate:


[Mr Latham, the once 'Filed-to-be' PM of Australia,
promised years ago,
to remove the unfair superannuation of Politicians,
High Court Judges et-alia!
Little Johnnie's Ungulate Group agreed to this? Yay!!
BUT IT DIED A QUIET DEATH, didn't it????]
iwishihad Wonders WHY??

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