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The second son of the father opened the eyes and the world appeared. The olfactory senses informed that the first meal was imminent. The experiential, bodily identification of roast pork. The world turned and there was the woman tending the roasting of the pig on a spit. "Today will be a good day, second son", the right-lobe informed, though there was no conscious awareness of this. It was natural. Part of the life that reared all around of which the body was a part of. As there was no "reflective, subjective mind" there was no consciousness of this as we know it.

The world tilted and met the feet as the body rose. The leaves on the hut floor were soft and turned to soft grass as the world moved beneath the feet as the legs moved until the stream met them and they entered it to bathe the body. The water came rushing up to cover the body as it was entered and it's wetness covered the bodily senses, for a moment. "The father needs the corn harvested soon", the constant, bicameral companion mused within the right-lobe. It must be obeyed sent this command through the body.

The left lobe unconsciously instructed the body to cease the wetness feeling and return to eat the first meal of the day.

The world moved once more and the hut moved over the body covering it, as sensed through the eyes. The makeshift bench coming up to seat the rear of the body as the succulent pork rose in the right hand to enter the mouth. The mother sat opposite, the food rising to the mouth as did the water within the pitcher afterwards. "It tastes good", the inner magister invocated and the autonomous bodily appreciation enhanced this command producing spittle and verbal grunting noises of approval from the mouth. In unconscious timespan the meal was devoured. It was now to harvest. The body 'memory' knew. The bench beneath the rear fell away as the inner walls of the hut slid downwards in perception. The view rotated and the woman smiled in moving past the body as the earth moved taking the body from within the hut.

The body knew the woman was with the child without smell informing. As the hut door passed by and the bow and quiver of arrows attached to the hand when the latter reached and grasped them.

As the world moved beneath the walking feet awareness of all the sounds of nature about infiltrated the body and the senses therein autonomously analysed them unconsciously. The smell permeated the nostrils and the cornfield approached. The body paused at its entrance. The rough hewn wooden square, on the fence post, with writing on it grabbing attention, almost, yet not, consciousing, as the moving world paused, for a moment. "This 'writing' thing is bad", the inner companion informed, "You must destroy it". The wooden square met the kicked foot and the ground came up to meet it. The body entered the field and the corn growing in the ground came easily up in the hands as it harvested.

There was no concept of time within the body. It was just, "is". The sun commenced setting. The lower body part told 'hungry' so the world turned and moved past as travel back to the hut commenced.

As the hut approached another man was seen to appear as the hut moved away from this man, very fast. The second son paused, apprehensiveness autonomously filling the senses. The world stopped moving as this man was watched. "The man is from the group over the hill", the internal magister informed, "This one does not hear as the second son hears. There is something wrong. Kill the man"

The second son watched as the hands fitted an arrow to the bow and aim was taken at the man. The arrow loosed, the man held the arrow in the neck and the world came up to meet the man.

The second son smelt burning and the world commenced moving fast as the feet caused the world to move faster towards the hut. As the hut door came past the hut flames were sent into the face and the world came up to meet the body as it fell backwards from the blast. A rock on the ground hit the head.

When the world revealed itself again the hut was no more. The world fell downwards as the body sat up. The head moved down into the hands that rose to meet it. A hurt commenced building internally. The situation knew not what to do. "Look inside the burnt hut", the instruction came and was obeyed without thought or question. No-body had survived. The second son commenced crying from the hurt welling inside. The body did not know why. For the first time in many moons the left lobe asked internally what to do. "You must bury the dead ones," The internal magister replied. The second son set about this task.

The ground was hard and did not help in rising as the rudimentary spade was intimate with it. Eventually the hole appeared. The second son dragged each burnt body to this hole and wondered why the earth was not moving as fast as it should. The body could not, yet, consciousise why, but the first step away from bicamerality had commenced.

"Do not forget to cut off the heads and break the legs," the permanent magister instructed. The second son obeyed but a question appeared within the left lobe.

A question of importance for the first time in millennia of servitude to the right-lobe. "God".

"Why?" The voice and the internal thought emanated, from the logical left-lobe, at the same time. "The bodies that are dead must not walk or talk to the second son after their death. Only this voice must be heard and obeyed by the second son."

The second son obeyed. "But the strange man. What of this one?" The second son mentally asked. "The second son must burn the body and scatter the ashes so that this strange one, hearing this voice not, will no longer talk to the second son. The second son must seek all the others of this one and kill them or they may also destroy the second son".

The second son obeyed. It did not have to make sense. There was no 'afterlife'. No God. No politics. No lust, rape, or evil. Just 'life', that the internal, bicameral magister had protected this far, although this thought wasn't, yet, totally consciousised within the left-lobe of the second son.

The task completed the second son carved some words on a piece of wood, knowing not why and laid it on the mound that the earth had made using the hands. The mound covering the bodies of the mother and the wife that had left the earth but seemed still in it to the second son. "Why is this done by the second son?" The magister within asked. "It is wrong?" The second son replied.

"Words cannot replace the voice the second son hears. Either the second son is with the voice or against it". Was the curt reply from within the right-lobe. Bicameral gods were jealous, possessive, gods.

The second son watched the bow and quiver attach to the right arm as the earth moved the body towards the settlement over the hill. The mind held no conscious thought. There was no little construct "I", yet, with which to reflect on the happenings, past or future, therein reconstructing them in spatial, temporal mindspace, for analysis and self-advice.

The internal bicameral magister had proclaimed:

"If you are not with us, you are against us...."

It took 3000 years for consciousness to develop to the primitiveness of this day. Bicameral man, afflicted with "innocence", was decimated by conscious, reflective "man", who would never give such a command again since he could reflect on his actions and see the consequences therein.

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