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"Do not forget to cut off the heads and break the legs," the permanent magister instructed. The second son obeyed but a question appeared within the left lobe.

A question of importance for the first time in millennia of servitude to the right-lobe. "God".

"Why?" The voice and the internal thought emanated, from the logical left-lobe, at the same time. "The bodies that are dead must not walk or talk to the second son after their death. Only this voice must be heard and obeyed by the second son."

The second son obeyed. "But the strange man. What of this one?" The second son mentally asked. "The second son must burn the body and scatter the ashes so that this strange one, hearing this voice not, will no longer talk to the second son. The second son must seek all the others of this one and kill them or they may also destroy the second son".

The second son obeyed. It did not have to make sense. There was no 'afterlife'. No God. No politics. No lust, rape, or evil. Just 'life', that the internal, bicameral magister had protected this far, although this thought wasn't, yet, totally consciousised within the left-lobe of the second son.

The task completed the second son carved some words on a piece of wood, knowing not why and laid it on the mound that the earth had made using the hands. The mound covering the bodies of the mother and the wife that had left the earth but seemed still in it to the second son. "Why is this done by the second son?" The magister within asked. "It is wrong?" The second son replied.

"Words cannot replace the voice the second son hears. Either the second son is with the voice or against it". Was the curt reply from within the right-lobe. Bicameral gods were jealous, possessive, gods.


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