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WHAT IS "DEATH"? -- That is another Question?:

Bill was an embedded DOO News reporter. Imbedded, as some thought. He and his cameraman, Bwuce, had just been attached to the Special Forces, Omega Group. They had been behind enemy lines for a few days but, as yet, hadn't encountered any 'death.' Then. It happened. The humvee topped from a wadi and the enemy appeared before it. Pandemonium broke. Bill had no time to set-up, the Motorola 4 GHz, "Sky-Snooper," as he was ejaculated from his hummer. As he stood-up one 'enemy' commenced 'Kalashnikoving' him. The rest appeared to drop, suddenly to 'silenced'. Trained. Instant. Accurate. Retalliation.

'Chimp' suddenly appeared in front of him as the '762' lead thranged all about the pair. As accurate as sperm seeking ova. The soft, metallic-sounding, 'Double-tap' from Chimp's silenced MP5SD3 instantly stopped the deadly arrows of lead from the enemy.

Chimp, who had very long arms, walked across to the supine enemy and kicked 'it'. A few times.

Bill was horrified! He screamed at Bwuce, his cameraman, "Didya get that. Didya!" Bwuce wasn't there. He was hiding under his hummer, wet-thighed.

Bill ran up to Chimp, "You Bastard!" Chimp grinned. Seen it all before. "Hey, Pretendo," he quietly said. Pretendo wandered over. His trousers already loosened. He bent over the dead enemy. Slid it's trousers down. Underpants down. And apparently, began analy copulating with it.

Bill was horrified! He screamed at Bwuce, "Didya get that. Didya!" Bwuce had done so this time. Using the handheld SpyOn.

Pretendo finished and returned to the other hummer. Chimp joined him. Recon over.

"You evil Bastards!" Shouted Bill to the duo. "Waddayamean?" Replied Chimp, "Pretendo only made love to the enemy. Better than kicking it? Eh? One must love one's enemies. Not show disrespect by kicking the dead ones, eh? Make love to 'em, eh?" Chimp turned away, grinning to Pretendo.

Bill got a 'different' wet thighs over what Bwuce had got 'in-the-can.' His little, "I", forgetting how his life had been saved, only had one thing within "It."

As the hummers drove off Pretendo had a complaint. "Shit. Chimp. When can I stop pretending to bum the dead ones? Me gonads hurt."

"Done worry, mate," Chimp replied. "I tole the media "Ace" you was a homosexual necrophiliac. At home youse represented a minority group who would soon gain a seat in the Senate. Youse know, "Make luv, not War, or, better still, Make Homosexual Luv In War."

Their laughter was lost in the hummer chevvie's exhaust-note and the sand kicked-up.

Bill hugged the tape that would "make" his name.

Chimp and Pretendo, thoroughly trained, checked weaponry. In anticipation for the next enemy "assholes."

They were out of step with the West's respect for tolerance. But, in War, is this important?

iwishihad wonders, in this media-insane world, whether it's better to be alive or dead? The 'not-getting-there', possibly, the 'hurtful' bit, no?

Nota Bene: In UK: Many people will be alarmed that sex with dead people is not currently a crime. But that's about to change even though critics argue cases of necrophilia are rare and this is simply an opportunity for the government to reinforce its high moral authority. Nevertheless, offenders can expect anything up to two years in prison.

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