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Friday, 11 April 2003

iwishihad was, like many Australians, bemused when our HMAS Sydney left the port of the same name and some weird 'buggers', "boarded" Her.

One tried to become Her "anchor" whilst the other attempted to commit suicide by propeller. Fairly obviously, some 'spying' had been afoot to find the things on which to hang-from, eh?

Others attempted to destroy this (Virgin Daughter of Our Queen) Man 'O War, with an under slung cable draped across Her bow.

What Anarchy! --- What sense of "Lawlessness" these actions conveyed. ---

In a Democracy, still Governed by the Rules of the British Constitution!

The "Anchor bugger" unfurled a YELLOW banner that seemed to have some words relating to self-stimulation on it -- "NO WA*****", or so it appeared.

Utter confusion reigned as many (possible terrorists?) chased many others about this floating 'Virgin Daughter' of Her Majesty, The Queen. And "She" was en-route to War!

Apparently this was some 'demonstration'. But was it, REALLY?

Was this Virgin Daughter of The Monarch violated by these buggers?

The Treason Act of 1351 is still lawful and states:

".........or if a man do levy war against our lord the King (Queen) in his (her) realm, or be adherent to the King's (Queen's) enemies in his (Her) realm, giving to them aid and comfort in the realm, that in the cases above rehearsed, that ought to be judged treason..........."

In this "demonstration", were not the 'demonstrators' "...giving comfort to the enemies..." of our Ruler, The Queen? Did not the "Enemy" in the past, commend such action getting comfort thereon? Would not their (demonstrators) actions be better received by sending a "My Will" objection via the correct channels of Our Democracy?

They were indeed, Terrorists! Attacking a duly, Regally designated Man 'O War. And duly committing TREASON! No?

iwishihad, sadly, muses and imagines:

As the Man 'O War left the dock the Captain, as most of the crew, was sad to be leaving loved-ones there on the dock, waving. But they all had a duty to fulfil. That was their job no matter how much they disliked it.

Many small boats were to-ing and fro-ing about the warship. And then two boats slung a cable under Her bows. That was it!

The Captain ordered the rear armament loaded with blanks and it commenced firing. Apparently at the attacking 'terrorists'. "Don't want another "11"". Entered his little, "I".

All the boats backed off. The ship slowed, backed to ensure the cable had sunk and proceded on it's way.

Three weeks later, upon destination arrival, the Captain "dropped anchor". Some crew were puzzled as the ship never had one.

It was also noticed that 'a person' at the stern had tried to "stowaway" by hanging there. The "person's" body was sent back to Australia for DNA analysis and identification.

The Captain was accused of, "Friendly Fire" by the Media. (???)

All these little, "I"s, being unleashed, without Bicameral, right-lobe directive, appear to have problems, don't they, eh?

Which, little, "I" is "right"?

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