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As the car approached the roadblock she was so scared. She was scared in 'any' language you like. Her 'Fundamentalist' husband she loved. Even though he had horrendously mutilated her, physically, according to 'his' religious 'perception'. She loved him and their mutual child she bore.

She wasn't allowed to think.

Feel 'pleasure'.

Just a receptacle for his penile 'wanting'. She 'accommodated'. She could do no more.

As the car stopped she saw the 'Enemy', gesticulating. Gesticulating with that black weapon that brings death. Saw her husband reach for the trigger.

She opened the car door and leapt out, screaming, "Die, you bastards of SATAN!!"

As the car did not explode the four died. As did she. Her wombic gestation. Her husband. "Everyone" in a radius of circa 600 metres.

As the car did not explode she felt her unborn son cry within her womb. Yet felt no pain. Maybe the neutron flux passing through them both was the cause.

Her little, "I", ceased it's activity. And the bicameral mind spake. In a language independent of race or little, "I" perceived 'religion':

"Do not be afeared. I am You and You I. And We Nature.

(psst! And your husband will have only you, not 72 wives of the girls of Paradise.)"

They dissolved into that which They came forth from. But much quicker.

The neutron bomb is quite efficient at causing bioplasmic organisms to cease to function. This one, in the vehicle, was only basket-ball size but produced bioplasmic death for a radius of 0.6 kilometres.

If only the existence of red-mercury had not been withheld from the public. The public may, then, have wanted to stop terrorism without the non-pre-emptive, "Talking"!

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