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Under the New Iraqi Peoples Administration, led by Ayatollah Hakim: 
All these little, "I"s, being unleashed, without Bicameral, right-lobe directive, appear to have problems, don't they, eh?!

When the above was written circa April 6, 2003, it seemed right and proper that a man such as Ayatollah Hakim would return and take a large part in the restoration of Iraq. The perception that he would be assassinated never arose in the little, "I."

Today, August 30, 2003, things have changed. The opposing herds of religious perissodactyl mammals are vying for power in the only way they know how.

iwishihad wonders where the future is taking us and can only feel sad at his demise.

Corollary: In 'Taqia", "The little, "I", not only may conceal, it must do so. In a region ruled by enemies it must speak and act as though it were of their number in order not to draw down peril and persecution on it's perceived comrades. What a school of ambiguity and dissimulation is created by this training, which is an essential rule of the little, "I". But the lack of freedom to make open profession of it's true perceptions is also a school of suppressed fury against any powerful adversary: a fury that gathers itself into unrestrained hatred and fanaticism." (adapted from Goldziher)

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