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-- This is a result?

Ahkim had spent his life immersed in religious indoctrination so when he was 'Chosen', it was an honour.

Joe had spent his life in phornikayshun and didn't know why he had to defend the f@#$**g road-block, but that was his duty. Duty as 'Satan's' marine.

When the two met, it was, interesting.

Ahkim pressed the "30-second switch" on the little box wired to his 'bazoom-jak' pulled out the cord and dropped it, just as he had been trained to do. His little, "I", obsessed with 'duty.'

Joe said some word, sounding like "Phuck", hit him in the face with his rifle butt, pushing the nose-bone into the brain and wrenched off the little detonator-box just as he had been trained to do. His little, "I", being not there at that moment. 'Training' does this.

Ahkim regained consciousness, on the 'couch', in 'heaven'. Knowing the virgins would come. And this they did. All dressed in white. His little, "I", having the imagined prowess of 300 men, screwed all of them for a long time before realising he was still alive and in 'Satan's' hospital.

Joe commenced to study Ahkim's religion to try to understand how this maniac he saved is a mental sex maniac. Lying in the military hospital bed. Making orgasmic noises and gesticulations, towards his donger, at the nurses. Had not Joe's little, "I" been gestated some 3000 years a priori, he would just have killed Ahkim, and saved himself a lot of mental and physiological problems known as "The War Syndrome" some years hence.


Ahkim was released from the military hospital after four weeks. He made straight for the place he 'knew'.

Some months later, Joe, again on duty, at a roadblock, met Ahkim again. The procedure repeated. To Joe it seemed in 'slow-motion' as Ahkim threw away "the cord". This time, Joe had met and understood the term, "Anfal"!

The neat, entry-hole, of a 556, in the front of Ahkim's forehead anfalised the rear contents of his head to the four winds of the city. A copper-jacker fragments upon hitting bone and exits many diameters larger.

Joe snatched the little detonator-box from the physiological, now falling, form that once housed the little, "I", of Ahkim.

One member of the Great Satan had commenced to understand the true meaning of the simple, little, "I", conceived word: ----- ANFAL.

(BUT: Joe was CHARGED for unlawfully killing a civilian. According to the UN investigation, there was no proven intent, legally, that Ahkim would have blown up, since this hadn't happened???? The unlawful killing allegation was commented on by the Army's Chief of Staff. He said the investigation was particularly thorough, with ballistics experts and forensic scientists from the United Nations Serious Crimes Unit involved. He added, "All the evidence indicates that the "apparent" civilian died as a result of a professionally conducted counter-ambush drill as a result of that ambush [from Ahkim]." He added that the investigation found no excessive force was used, but there had been failings in the way the incident was later reported by the MEDIA.)

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