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-- or is your 'self' entering someone else's perception?

When Hector entered the room Isabelle seemed totally emotionless. He had been contracted to assess her mental state. He got nowhere until the twelfth session. He didn't mind. The money was good. Had the legal aspect of plea bargaining been different the poor old taxpayer could possibly have saved all this by allowing Isabelle victim's rights. Nevermind. On this visit Isabelle actually seemed different. She said, "I thee greet within thy noos."

"How come you're talking to me now?" Hector asked, sitting opposite her, ignoring her emission. "My Lord who told me to." She replied. "Which Lord?" Asked Hector. "My Magistrix who holdeth me within the noos." Was the perplexing reply. "Noos?" Hector queried. "She Keepeth watch allover me." She replied. Hector's internalised 'deaf-self' immediately ruled this out as his spatialised concept explored avenues more understandable to it.

Apparently deaf, Hector continued, "You said at your trial, the, er, Magistrix told you to kill Romano?" Isabelle nodded. "What did he say?" "He beith not a He but beith a 'She'. Isabelle hears Her often as she holdeth me within the noos." She replied. "Do you hear her now?" Isabelle shrugged. "You heard her telling you to kill Romano?" Isabelle shrugged. "But you knew that it was against the law to kill, didn't you?" Hector added. Isabelle went rigid, emitting, "The Lord saith that we, with eyes, saw Romano kill the one named Cherry. The one named Romano broke Our Law." She calmed, relaxed. "We know your law but it serveth no justice. We were never asked to witness bear." She curtly replied. "But...." Hector commenced as Isabelle rigidised again and emitted, "Your law alloweth Romano to break itself by what he doith. He is not tried in the ancient justice and lieth to escape the punishment for murder by saying a lesser evil behind the doors of shut. Your law beith false and unjust." Isabelle calmed and relaxed once more.

Hector sat. Dumbfounded. Many more sessions dumfounded him even more. Isabelle had no concept of 'self.' She just 'was.' She spoke in hexagrams, as schizophrenics do. She had no capability to hate, of remorse, of desire or understanding of time. She was an intelligent 'animal' was Hector's diagnosis, with schizophrenic hallucination tendencies in times of perceived stress.

He recommended a course of allotropic drugs for the next few months.

After all, he could get more $$$$ on a return visit, couldn't he?

Isabelle subsequently killed a male nurse at the psychiatric hospital she was being treated at. It was reported that she had screamed at the nurse, who was attempting to force thorazine down her throat,

"My Magistrix must not be put to death in this way!"

Thorazine is an allotropic drug that allegedly affects the cerebral cortex removing hallucinatory (right-lobe generated?) effects in those ingesting it.

Hector is quite set up for a long $$$ time, no?

When someone kills another what is killed? The physical form or the transference of one's own self into that killed. Is that important?

Without the true, personal, adjudication of a bicameral internal Magister our little, "I's" strive to lay down laws that cleverer little, "I's" can lexically break.

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