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Friday, February 27, MMIV:

iwishihad wonders at this week's happenings. Little Johnny's ungulates, having, at last to attend to his ungulate group unfair "Super" decided to "take his bat and ball, go home, and retalliate" by inventing modified super rules for the rest of his biped herd who voted (partially?) for him.

Retirement age would be "increased." Sort-of. One would be induced to "work" after 65 years of age (YOA). Yay! Tell it to the "Employers" who shaft anyone over 45 YOA!!

This plan would help the young, whose taxes would be paying the pension benefits of the 'Baby-Boomers!' Yay!

Coincidently some 78 y.o. US Senator sort of retrieved this mental note far away from Oz. (Maybe he heard it from some female whiste-blowing employee at Pine gap?) He suggested a similar justice for the 70 million US "Baby-Boomers!"

Uncle "George" was not amused! {It's Elekshun Year over there! "Over There! -- Over There........." {Sort of WW2 song, no?} -- "Lay down yore life for the Mother Cuntry" --- { and get shafted when you retire? Sort of comes to mind, No?}}

It is theorised our 'Elected' replace our Bicameral Magister, long since subjected to genocide?

Like Stalin and Hitler of old, our elected 'Magisters' seem to have totally different plans to what they told us prior to election, no? Yet, consider the following definitions of that we are dictated to save for:

superannuate [v.]
To become obsolete.
2. To declare to be obsolete.
3. To retire and pension (someone) because of age or physical inability.
4. To retire or become ineligible because of old age or infirmity.

iwishihad, ponders, superanusly, and imagines:


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