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(Harry, Harry, Why hast Thou forsaken ME?)

Wednesday, 20 July 2005:

With the release of the latest Harry Potter tome all sorts of problems have arisen. Not for the publishers, readers, nor the author, but for the religicosi following the 'soon to be Fundamentalist Dogma of the Roman Catholic Church?'

It would appear Joseph has taken a disliking to Harry? Perhaps it was from the fumes of the 'black smoke' signifying his Papal election, who knows?

It has been said that Karol did not like him, to quote:

"A former priest who was condemned to silence by Pope John Paul II in 1985 for supporting radical liberation theology." HERE.

[iwishihad hopes this doesn't mean equipping altar-boys with 'Bazoom-jackets!?']

iwishihad wonders what this means and tempts being crucified, just as allegedly, one, lone, Jewish man, some 2000 years ago did when he challenged the Roman Authority:


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