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(Little Things?)

The pain ceased. Karol felt a tightening, like being extruded through his feet. Then blackness. He then saw his Past Life. As he had lived it. Judged himself. Objectively with no emotion.

He saw the evil he had left. The wanton dissemination of the paedophiles, 'dem backdoor boys' within the Church to other 'areas.' He was sad at this.

Incredulous at the pomp and ceremony his departure had caused, a sadness arose within his newfound objectivity.

For a fleeting moment this and this entered his failing earthly consciousness.

The People's cries for beatification hurt. He was not yet worthy, he thought, as he had thought in his earthly incarnation.

He had done monumentous things, unconsciouslessly in his Earthly Life only because of His Nature.

Then the vistages of his, our, bicameral nature arose.

The throne he saw was occupied by Harry Potter. This did not disturb him. He had always been a Champion of Youth.

"Hello, my Friend," said Harry. "Hello, Harry," he replied, no sadness within him.

"Well-done," Harry said, and smiled.

The thought from some Earthly incarnation came forth; "....and all future Church Leaders must be over eighty-years of age....."

Karol smiled, internally. 'Make sure one, 'gets a Turn?'' Entered.

He would sleep. He knew. For a subjective irrelevant time until he would be required to incarnate again.

As consciousness diminished he sniggered to himself.

The thought 'Paparatzi' came and he knew Harry was responsible -- 'Paparazzi' his internal metaphor corrected, then, 'Papa Ratzi?' Entered and his little 'I' laughed, adding, 'Buy stuff here?'

He was glad he had left his Harry Potter book within the combustion stove that would emit black smoke until a new Leader was elected.

His Coptic predecessors had only 'drunk' the 'words.'

Now, ALL would 'smoke' them with, perhaps, a mischievous, future result?

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