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It was the year of 2005. December, to be exact.

Some 'Australians' earn >$200 per hour and have no 'Contracts.' Others, $15 per hour and will soon be 'Contracted?' Those earning $15 per hour pay a lot for petrol whilst the others ride in white limos and have very good Super or Stocks! Those that 'Judge' all these 'minions' are no 'better' off, ain't they?

This is 'Demon'cracy, innit? The 'average' weekly wage of the 'Working-man' has risen 3.6% while the wage of CEO's of large, non-profitable Companies has risen some 200% in the same time!

Yet these New Laws will allegedly 'improve' the working-man's wage, will it not? Make Oz 'more competitive' in a World Market where the Brits charge almost three times the Oz dollar value per hour while the US almost twice the Oz dollar value per hour? Oz is not, 'Competitive,' no?


Peter was a first-generation Australian. His parents had emigrated from 'The Mother Country' and were now dead.

They had emigrated with the belief that Oz was 'Self-Sufficient' -- could grow and make stuff INDEPENDENT of the REST OF THE WORLD.

(They knew nothing about the 'Free Economy!' BUY OVERSEAS AND "HELP" THE LOCAL PRODUCE, No?)

A PLACE to be SAFE in?


Life was good for Peter. He worked hard, as did his wife. His family had a large mortgage, several cars, good, secure jobs and an holiday each year, though not in Bali.

Peter didn't 'really' understand 'Politics.' He, like ALL Ozzies thought the 'Pollies' would carry out 'His' wishes. After all, that is the TRUE Democracy of Australia, innit?

"She'll be rite Mate?"

It sort of happened, slowly. Like urine running down one's leg when 'something' was 'Wrong!' Then drying into an un-noticed dryness, a dryness that smells over time? Un-noticed!

When Peter's Boss told him that the job he had been doing for the past twenty years was up for, 'Negotiation,' he didn't really believe it. He took the 'New Contract' to a solicitor mate and sought advice. "You're Fucked, Pete!" Was the advice he received. "But, why?" He retorted. "I've been with them for a very long time, why would they do this to me?" "It's 'money." Was the answer. "Australia cannot be 'Big-Business' competitive so, hire the Immigrants from Third-World Counties. It's a 'Free-Trade' Country, now." Was the only advice he received. From a 'Mate!'

"But," said Peter, "We ARE competive! The Poms and Yanks charge far more than our local hourly rate!"

When he refused to sign 'The Agreement' he found himself at CentreLink. Oh yes, the 'New Workplace Agreement' forbade such an action but how could he prove it without enormous legal costs?

But there's more!

The 'New Workplace Agreement' offers legal 'Aid' but there's always a get-out from someone wanting to do something that's 'not quite right,' isn't there?

(Like promising 'No GST' a-priori, then introducing it after gaining power?)

At CenterLink Peter met a lot of nice AUSTRALIAN workers over the next many months. Fruit-growers, mushroom growers, oyster-farmers --- you name them! All 'TRUE' Australians who had lost their business due to lack of Government concerns -- removing Tariffs, allowing imported junk while the superior home-grown items rotted in the sun!

Yet, all this time there were reports of Australian advertisments in 'Other Countries' requiring immigrants for the skills HE had!

Finally, he accessed his meagre 'Super' via pleading 'hardship' and filling in a multitude of paperwork. But this wasn't enough. No jobs came his way. They all went to 'Immigrants' willing to work below the wage he, an Australian Worker, was used to and 'they' never understood.

His wife left him. His house and cars were repossessed.

Peter couldn't really understand it so he turned to 'religion.' He, being, 'honourable,' didn't feel 'right' taking the 'Dole,' even though it would have given him MORE income than WORKING for the BASIC Oz wage!

It's natural under times of stress one's lttle, "I," hears 'the Right Lobe?'

He tried many religions all to no avail. Nothing comforted him. Then, while trying a last resort, he was approached outside of the meeting by some shifty-looking Middle-Eastern looking type. Peter told him to 'Shove-It!' He did not know this person was being 'Watched' by people obeying the New Anti-Terrorist Laws!!!!

That night at Peter's caravan, (he could only afford a caravan at 'Trek-31,') there was a knock at the door. He opened it and several men grabbed him, bundled him into a black, window-tinted Ford and he spent the next three months being interrogated as a 'Terrorist!'

Upon release he had only a few dollars left so bought a rucksack, a few provisions and started hitchhiking to find work. He found a few odd-jobs, sufficient to buy food.

Then, some years later, fruit-picking, with a bunch of non-English-speaking immigrants, while he slept in the provided accommodation, he was awakened by a 'loud-hailing' megaphone, "Come out with your hands up!'

Totally perplexed, he donned his rucksack and sleepily entered the blinding light he met when exiting the small shed. He never understood why everybody else ran, barging past him. He tried to stand there with his arms raised. Just as he had been 'told to do!' Just as he, an, AUSTRALIAN, had been TOLD to VOTE over his past life, for the people whom had REALLY put him in THIS position! He got elbowed in the stomach and grasped the lower area of pain.

He never heard the sonic emission of a silenced MP5.

He never felt the sequence of the two .556 projectliles penetrating his mouth at 650 metres per second velocity. A "Double-tap," through the mouth. To sever the cortex, that, perhaps, could send the trigger to his arms to, 'set-off the rucksack' bomb, if his cortex be left intact? AND had his rucksack CONTAINED a BOMB!

He didn't know that had he wrapped a turban around his head, the firers would have to have waited 50 hours (on 'Religious Grounds?') before initiating their dastardly deed in penetrating an AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN!

As he lay on the ground his little, "I," saw blood trickling away from his view. There was no pain.

It is said that only four seconds is required for the head to empty of blood. But, this is in real-time, not subjective time.

His little, "I," saw his past-life, evolving in subjective time. Objectively subjectively. It saw the selfish arrogance that had created the situation he never realised in real-time. The White Lies and promises never fulfilled by his lifetime 'conscious,' 'Lord,' the anti-sibling of the 'Truth.'

As this unknown energy was released, as the blood was, his little, "I," only felt peace. AT LAST!

And the Bicameral voice said, from deep within the right-lobe:

"Good on ya Mate! You'd hate living in a ''Foreign Colony,' wouldn't ya!"

He would either sleep the blessed sleep of eternity or be reborn a new creature?

YOU decide!

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