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"When we are children we believe the World is full of Majick.
When we are "Critics" we
lose that "Innocence?""

"Please don't kill me!"

Shapeshifting as Critics don't like!

iwishihad hasn't embarked in this venue before, but, there are so many Critics 'shagging' this film that it had to emanate.

Many movies effect us as we go through life.

Gladiator and BraveHeart . (Try following Gladiator from a Latin Script and see why!)

Then there's the Last Starfighter, StarMan, Enemy Mine, Shogun, Shaka Zulu, Dark Angel, (The Movie not the TV lady!) Blade Runner .... to name a few.

Having just tolerated 'Die Hard IV,' with it's 'Great Script,' (Yuk!!!) turned-off 'Wild Hogs,' (at least they used Apple Mac stuff!) then 'Evan Almighty,' 'Blood and Chocolate' was somewhat refreshing and intriguing!

iwishihad originally used citation of a Critic review of this Work. A review of a review?

After thinking, it seemed banaal. Why look at a 'Review?' It's someone 'elses' opinion?

What's your's? You haven't seen it yet?

Lend your girlfriend to 'someone else,' then, wonder at the 'other's,' review?

We are all different and, unfortunately, follow. 'Other peoples' review of what we think, even about OURSELVES?

Critics are employed as, 'Spoiling Prostitutes.' Aren't they? So here is iwishihad's review:


(Click on > triangle to start, v to stop)

("There's nothing I can do........!" Ahh! Remember???)

So, what does iwishihad say?

The movie treats the concept quite beautifully.

There is no shagging, swearing, nudity, stupid, expensive tittilative special-effects or bestiality that seems to be expected by Critics.

The acting is great and generates the feeling remembered from many years ago, or, perhaps, puberty-anticipated.

It is rated PG13 and is treated suitably for such an audience.

And with Dolby 5:1 SS .... What more can be said!

iwishihad gives it TEN STARS.

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