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Mrs 'Nudity' entered the Naraweena class she would soon be leaving, enforced by "Political Correctness!"

Mrs: "Good morning all."

Class: (Unison) Good morning Mrs.

[Little Johnny, in far corner is crying. Mrs notices.]

Mrs: Johnny, why are you crying?

Johnny: (tearful) My Mummy said you are going away. We like you. Why are you leaving us? Did we do something wrong?

Mrs: (beat) No, Johnny, the School said I did something wrong.

[Little Johnny looks puzzled.]

MIss: I made a picture of me and my husband with no clothes on. The school said it wasn't good for the class.

[Some of the class giggle. Bruce the most.]

Mrs: Bruce! What's so funny?

Bruce: My Dad said you're a whore.

Mrs: (taken aback ..beat) Do you know what your Dad means?

Bruce: No, but Dad said so, so it must be right. (He giggles more.) He said only whores take photographs of themselves with no clothes on. He never takes photographs of the lady next door when she comes in when mummy's at work.

Mrs: (concerned) Why does the lady next door come in when your mummy is at work?

Bruce: I dunno. But they play games like some of the games sites on the Internet 'cos they make a lot of noise like, 'Oohh and Ahhh' just like I do when I win when playing games on the computer.

Mrs: Have you ever seen your daddy or mummy with no clothes on?

Bruce: No. It's wrong, Daddy says so.

Christine: (A class female child) No it's not! My Daddy and Mummy walk about with no clothes on. It's not wrong.

Bruce: (to Christine, eagerly) What did you see!!

Christine: (puzzled) See? Nothing. They have no clothes on? Just like me in the bath, but Mummy has hair on her 'wopsit' and Daddy has lots of hair covering his wopsit and his is bigger than my brother's wopsit.

Bruce: [showing disinterest.] It doesn't matter. My Daddy says you will have to leave the school since he told the School that you mustn't show us pictures of yourself with no clothes on. He said it's not right.

Mrs 'Nudity' surveyed the class.

A class of 'Tabula-Rasa.'

She knew she would be dismissed for her 'Act.'

She worried that the REAL 'Act' was performed, innocently within 'their' Tabula-Buggered, by the PARENTS with no understanding of themselves or the offspring they gestated.

Perhaps, after all, it would be better to allow some other form of 'Culture' to grow within this Fair Land of Australia.

Eliminate the 'Political Correctness' that is blinding all of us, especially those we are 'enforced' to Vote for, and used by those infiltrating with their own reason for doing so.

Something that would hide 'Nakedness.'

Within berkas, perhaps?

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