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Here be all de weapons, long time hiding...?

Adara had a lover. Joey. Some 21 years of age. A soldier from one of the Invader's army groups. Intelligence Group it was. Joey's dad had perpetrated in the 'Charlie Company' My Lai massacre years before and Joey had joined the Invaders to make sure such atrocities never happened again.

Adara knew not the term, 'lover,' as we do. Joey gave her pleasure. She him. She had been stressed at their first encounter, some months after meeting him, when Joey had kissed her. But her internal magister had awakened and instructed compliance. She knew there would be no fruit of their loins until her internal magister allowed.

After mating they would talk. Joey mostly. This gave Adara more life as she would relate such information given by Joey to the brother, Habib. Joey's talk was just an opinion. He said that the Invader forces not only went to war for the wrong reasons but they ended up fighting an unexpected new enemy. A vicious guerrilla war whose armament supply is the Dictator's massive arsenal of conventional weapons and small arms.

Unable to find "WMD", the Invaders found the Dictator's stockpiled 'weapons of mild destruction'? Probably supplied to the Dictator by the forefathers of the Invaders.


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