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Where will all de weapons go, now de finding...?

Joey rumoured that coalition forces are also not equipped to deal with the sheer volume of this arsenal. In just a few months, the Invaders forces had uncovered large caches of small arms.

But Adara and the twin brother, Habib, although appearing of the Local Religion, were versed in practicing taqia dating back to centuries before the Arabic word was coined. They saw only life by selling arms back to the Invaders at huge profit. They had no reason to allow the Dictator's stockpile to flood the Middle Eastern market arming Fundamentalist insurgency across the Local world. In the mean time, Joey and the Invaders forces are still looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction!

In the twilight of this ceasing day Adara looked out of the second-floor Amirat Street apartment window. She saw Joey walking towards the apartment entrance. The huge explosion from somewhere down the street blew the window out and her into the room. She regained consciousness and in the stress of her dazed condition her internal magister awoke and instructed. '"See how Joey is." She went downstairs. Into the street. Mayhem, fire and noise abounded. Joey was crumpled against the wall of the apartment doorway. His legs broken. Body deformed and shattered. His head severed.

Adara felt a stirring within her womb. "Joey will never talk to you again. His head is gone and without legs he cannot follow you around" She heard from her right lobe. "Your seeds will now conjoin and your fruit spring to life."


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