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This is the Larf?:

Saddam worried as he sat at the sumptuous meal before him and his cronies. Something was very, verrrrrrry, wrong. He did not know what. 'Something', made him excuse himself [to the urinal] and as he left the restaurant the four 2 kilopounders hit. He laughed to himself, turned and walked under a local taxi. ["Squish-noises."]

He awoke instantly to realise he was clothed in a white toga wrapped in cellophane. 'Just as me jocks always are', his little, "I" commented. Before him were three thrones, quite sumptuous, and he knew he was dead since God, the middle bloke, was Stalin*. The bloke to the right of God was Bush. This disappointed him, somewhat. The 'something' to the left of God seemed to be not there , phasing in and out of visibility, so he perceived this must be the ghost or spirit [to be politically 'correct'] God.

"Shit," the thought crossed, "Bloody Christians were right after all!"

He looked about for the Virgin Mother wondering, perhaps, he would get some mutual appreciation and, maybe, 'a quick one.'

He saw only many Virgins, loads of wine and couches. As he looked away from this vision he could have sworn the beautiful Virgins had transparent gowns on and appeared Suidaen underneath. He let the thought go.

In Stalin tones, God said, "You'se been evil, Saddam."

"What did I do?"

God replied. "You'se killed many of your people. It's a sin to kill.

[Turns to right] Isn't it, my Son?

[Bush nods, smiles.]

Saddam, catching on quickly, points at Bush, "He did as well. He killed many more than I did but he used others to do it, just like I had to to save the Arab race from him. You count up the ones I killed then the ones he killed by planting the Christian 'Seed" and dodgy GPS weapons, then see who should be the accu-z-ed."

[Stalin looks at Bush, whispers something] [Bush shakes head] [Stalin looks back to Saddam]

Saddam, noticing the nose of Bush appears to have doubled in length, "And, he [points at Bush] called himself. "King'".

[Stalin looks at Bush, whispers something] [Bush shakes head] [Stalin looks back to Saddam]

Saddam, noticing the nose of Bush appears to have doubled in length, "And, he [points at Bush] sh@gged Mary Magdeline."

[Stalin looks angrily at Bush, whispers something] [Bush shakes head] [Stalin looks back to Saddam, then back to Bush. His nose is now very long]

"Saddam, go and fornicate with yonder Virgins, [indicates] while we sort this out."

Saddam wanders over thinking, "These bloody Christians are soooo easy to get one over on, eh? [He lifts his clothing, erectile-like.]

[squealing, grunting-like noises of cohabitation.]

iwishihad would wish youse all a future easter that doesn't, yet, exist.

A biosphere we care for, nurture and a realisation, without perception, as ALL our little, spatial-reconstructive-mindspace, "I"'s, understand that,

IRRESPECTIVE of our perceived RELIGION, we: --


Note: Saddam's hero was allegedly Stalin. He allegedly modelled himself on Stalin even to have a special room fitted out with Stalin memorabilia,

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