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As we drove up the Omeo highway the forests were carbonised. Everywhere burnt to a crisp. Farms on the way had cattle and sheep decimated. Fenceposts gone. Miles and miles of wire writhing, still, deathlike. On and on the scene the same. The smell of carbon.

The thought crossed our little, "I" that the fishing would be good as the plankton loved carbon-stuff and would obviously fluorescently nosh on it.

We stopped at a small tree-lined valley. The trees dark and sentinel-like Burnt, crisplike, with the passing of the fire.

We noticed a reflection. From metal and wandered to see. It was from a chain. Circling a burned tree. On the opposite side an human skeleton. Chained to the tree. Burnt. Crisp. We looked further. There were many more.

Hmm. The Greenies have become soooo powerful they must have chained themselves to the trees to protest at the fire. Protest to STOP it!

Perhaps, unlike Pollies, the fire had not listened to them?

We walked away. Wondering. Wondering how stupid our little, "I"'s had become in only 3000 years.

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