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One Nation?

There are many Laws that govern us, right or wrong. These Laws are WRITTEN since the lost bicameral voices we once heard have been incessantly dying for the past 3000 years.

It should be easier to obey the written word -- "IT IS WRITTEN!" [Heard that before?] But not so. It is EASY to turn the face away from 'the writing,' ennit? Not so that auralised. This is with you 'till death.

It therefore is somewhat bicameral to wish to be "One Nation."

Not to have "Others" thrust their "Beliefs" at and on you with Lawful adjudication. They may look different, and be ACCEPTABLE, but "Beliefs" are NOT! They are mere, individual mental reconstructs of the little, "I," mindspace.

When our today's "Masters" replaced our bicameral right lobe God voice we "Believe" Them. How often do they let us down? Too often?

It has even been said, Politically:

"We are tied [to America & UK?] by shared language....etc."

[Writing killed bicamerality ?]

So, accordingly, if one speaks Farsi, et alia, one should NOT feel part of "Oz?" (Especially if the Pom's win the Rugby Cup?)

"WE ARE ONE.......................?"

And what about Free Trading, GAT, the WTO?

What of these written 'concepts' of the little, "I" mindspace? Did One Nation have an answer? Or do we 'phone a Telco to be answered by an Indian in Bombay being paid one rupee per hour to provide an answer to such a question?

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