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We are many but we are never one......except when neighbours are?

Heard this before?

Frank was confused. He complained about the praying noises opposite and the squelching noise next door and was told everyone had the right to pray and squelch, but dogs didn't.

Then the house that sprang up the other side next to Frank's appeared to be occupied by spies. People furtively came and went and appeared to be disguised. [It seemed to Frank.]

One morning, being wakened by the Yubba-dubba and squelching noises, Frank noticed a Mazda commercial in the backyard of the latest house to arise. He wandered over. "Oi, mate, wotcher doin?" Frank asked. One of the males came nervously over to him. "We are preparing to remove the infidels." He answered, furtively. Good wun, here Frank, his right-lobe bicameral companion advised him. Tellum about the watty ones. Frank did. "Them people in the house opposite me are infidels." He said. The man was puzzled. "They pretend to search for God but outside themselves." He added. The man suspiciously asked, "Which ones?" Frank pointed, "See, I ay ('CIA') bin complaining about them to the authorities for some time but they must have some connection to the authorities 'cos no-one listens." The man looked, scowled and went back into the house. Well done Frank, his right lobe said. I liked the bit about the "CIA."

Next morning the loud explosion woke Frank. His dogs barked. The house opposite was no more. There were no more squelching noises either. Frank wondered why but found out when the Local Ranger arrived with Old Bill. "What do you know about the house opposite?" *Old Bill asked. Frank shrugged. "The house next door? They've all comitted suicide!" Frank shrugged.

(*Old Bill = cockney slang for Coppers or Policemens)

The Local Council bulldozed the house opposite. Frank bought the other two houses. The non-suicide inhabitant's house was empty?

Frank still lives with his right lobe companion but he rarely hears 'God.' There are no situations demanding it now. No threats. No stress. Just 'Living.'

Frank and his dogs are 'One Nation."

Does this make sense? Without bicamerality of the right lobe to guide us?

iwishihad wonders what this really means?


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