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-- That is political correctness?:

Friday, May 23, 2003:

iwishihad notices a suidaen of an eventful day, this day.

It would appear that the Hume Shire Council is going to "barrel pork." This Council made a decision to ban ham and pork products from Council functions to show respect for the Muslim population!!! (of 12 percent?)

It would appear the decision has upset a Residents Association (quite rightly!) which says the council should cater for all preferences rather than changing policy to suit a minority.

Of course the decision is discriminatory and political correctness out of control!

Allegedly, the Council's chief executive emphasised that it is a matter of ensuring the 12 per cent of the community, that is Muslim, participates in council events.

He is alleged to have said, "It's because at a number of our functions, there were people of Islamic faith who were not comfortable with the sandwiches and the meals (???) that we were providing and in order to cater for everyone who was in attendance, I took the decision that we would choose our menus but exclude ham from those menus."

Jawohl, mein Fuhrer!!!

iwishihad thought Hume was AUSTRALIAN ---- a DEMOCRACY!!!

Apparently, NOT!!

BUT, Herr Chief Executive did you not consider this:

If you did not, then, Mashbooh!!!

iwishihad, somewhat suidaenly, imagines:


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