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-- That is enforced?:

Sun-Tanned Paul had returned from the Bahamas and realised that his piggery was barrelling down the tubes. It was this bloody Hume Shire mob! They had stopped using pig in their sandwiches at Council functions. Shit! Pigs-Shit! His little, "I," added. He had travelled much in retirement. Eaten at many Middle Eastern hotels where the 'bacon' had tasted soo good.

He was amazed to learn that it wasn't 'bacon', but lamb tarted up to 'taste' like it. Modified by the Islamic local community to democratically purvey to the Satanic 'Westerners' evil ways for them $$$$$!

He had to do something! So, using his 'lifetime,' Telstra sat-phone he called the 'lifetime' limo. Some hours later it arrived (from Canberra!) and pigetted him to Albury airport where he caught a flight to Sydney using his very worn, 'lifetime', 'Gold-Card.' On arrival he went straight to the CSIRO lab and tasked them with the work. "Make pork taste like lamb." was all he said to the Chief Scientist.

It's incredulous how our little, "I''s function, ennit? Pig dung spread evenly over a field grows the wheat, dunnit? The wheat makes the bread, dunnit? The bread makes the sangers in which there be the forbidden pork, eh? It be in the perception of each spatial reconstructed inner world of our little, "I"'s, eh?

Never mind. In a short time, with Paul's Gold Card a bit 'lighter', the CSIRO had dunnit. Made pork taste like lamb. Paul was, 'Saved.'

The Hume Shire could serve sangers of "lamb" at their functions so everyone is happy, again. 100%, statistically, imperceptively happy.


The CSIRO, as a by-product, found people eating pork were surviving SARS,of course in a statistical manner? Perhaps the antibiotics "pork-generators" were fed on 'helped'? The ratio was not alluded to by any little, "I"'s. 88% survival rate went un-noticed. Especially in the Hume Shire, when SARS got there!

Perhaps it would have been simpler, all round, for the Hume Shire to have renamed the ham sangers as "suidaen sangers?"

But, then wot about US?

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