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"IS OUR LITTLE, "I" GOING MAD?"-- This is a question?

Friday, 30 May 2003:

iwishihad wonders what is really happening in this Dream-Alive land down-under.

The 'normality' one expects of consciousness, without bicamerality, is somewhat marginal, say the least. But recent happenings makes one wonder even more.

Consider the following:

It's amazing how the law is tightening around us 'plebs' whilst those in 'Higher Places' can, allegedly, get away with wrongdoing? Ah, says your little, "I", the 'offenders in the examples were seen to offend, by cop. Whereas 'other' stuff wasn't. Only 'accusations,' to be taken to Court and fill the pockets of them that 'understands' the Law. But, what about the "Litter-Dobbers?"

Have you noticed something? At one time there were TWO cops in the car. TWO=VALIDATION! NOW there's ONE! ONE=VALIDATION! Interesting? How did this arrive without OUR noticing?

iwishihad, ponders, at the loss of our bicamerality and imagines:


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