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The second son of the father opened the eyes and the world appeared. The olfactory senses informed that the first meal was imminent. The experiential, bodily identification of roast pork. The world turned and there was the woman tending the roasting of the pig on a spit. "Today will be a good day, second son", the right-lobe informed, though there was no conscious awareness of this. It was natural. Part of the life that reared all around of which the body was a part of. As there was no "reflective, subjective mind" there was no consciousness of this as we know it.

The world tilted and met the feet as the body rose. The leaves on the hut floor were soft and turned to soft grass as the world moved beneath the feet as the legs moved until the stream met them and they entered it to bathe the body. The water came rushing up to cover the body as it was entered and it's wetness covered the bodily senses, for a moment. "The father needs the corn harvested soon", the constant, bicameral companion mused within the right-lobe. It must be obeyed sent this command through the body.

The left lobe unconsciously instructed the body to cease the wetness feeling and return to eat the first meal of the day.


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